Wednesday, February 3, 2016

TIDBITS : How to keep your SCARVES as good and new?

Alhamdulillah after struggling with Petitestaz for few years now, everything is back on track. Hence, this year I've decided to launched my newest brand called SCARVES which focuses on headscarves ONLY! I still remembered when I first started venturing into online business back in 2012, the first thing that went "sold out" like pisang goreng panas (hot banana fritters) was my very own headscarves. By "very own" I mean the one that I sew myself. 

So, if you're a #SCARVELETTES or just a headscarves lover in general, here's some handy tips that y'all can follow in keeping your SCARVES as good as new :)

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Use LOW TEMPERATURE while ironing your scarves. As for me, I prefer to use steam iron compared to the regular iron. They are easier to manage and control compared to the regular ones. You have no idea how many scarves I've burned while using the regular iron. Especially when I'm multitasking, replying emails and ironing my scarves for my lunch date -.-'

Even though the label on your scarves says it's machine washable, it is wiser to HAND WASH your scarves in a bowl of lukewarm or cold water instead. Especially when it comes to light and fragile fabrics like chiffon and silk.

Instead of squeezing them hard to drain the excess water, squeeze them lightly and roll them in a towel to remove the excess water. And remember, DO NOT SOAK your scarves for more than 15 minutes!

Your scarves are now clean and it's time to dry them off. It is preferably to dry your scarves outside. However, AVOID from drying your scarves under DIRECT SUNLIGHT as it will ruin the texture and color of the fabric.

Since you've already remove most of the water while rolling them in a towel, you can also hang them dry indoor! But make sure they are far far away from any heating alright?

Last but not least, this is something that I'm guilty of NOT doing all the time, keeping or hanging my scarves neatly. One of the reason why I always procrastinate whenever mom asks me to keep my scarves neatly is because whenever I keep them nicely, they always seem to disappear the next day. I wonder why. Hmmm.

But hey, do keep or hang your scarves nicely as it will maintain the structure and quality of your scarves. And, it will also make your "hijab hunting" session in the morning a little easier too :)


There you go. My tips on keeping my scarves looking good as new. How about you? Any other tips that you wanna share? Write them on the comment section below alright? Have a nice day!


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