Monday, February 15, 2016

NANAWEARS : Nature's Lover.

It was a packed Saturday for me last week. I was supposed to attend Nazhan's Aqiqah in the morning, Latt's reception in the afternoon, and help sister with her badminton training in the evening. Since everything was well-planned, I woke up at 6, did my Subuh, did some laundry and some reading while waiting for the laundry to be done and blablablabla.

However, things did not go as planned. The water was out while I was doing the laundry in the morning (was to preoccupied with my reading I guess) and I only realized it a 10 when I was about to leave for Nazhan's Aqiqah. Thankfully the water was back on half an hour later so I gotta wait for the laundry to be over or my clothes will be in the machine for the whole night and without realizing, this whole "waiting for the machine to stop and drying" process took almost 2 hours and my well-planned schedule was messed up!

Even though things did not go as planned that day, 
one thing that definitely went as planned was my outfit!
RANIA Scarf | SCARVESbyLiyanaKay
Jasmine Dress | Petitestaz
Shoulder Bag | unbranded
PS// Mind the sweat spot on my scarf in the above photo. 
It was blazing hot outside I almost turned into a roasted duck. Heheee.


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