Monday, April 13, 2015

A girl in a green Dress.

So, I finally got the chance to update my blog with the look that I promised earlier this week. As I was so excited on writing about this wonderful dress I just got, I found out that there were literally no pictures of the look in my camera's memory card. Then it hits me, I took the earlier photo with my iPhone. Bummer!

Since I needed higher resolution pictures than those iPhone photos, I decide not to use those picture for this post. It'll drive me insane every time I log on to my blog.


Luckily, my friend's wedding was yesterday. Hence, for the sake of this post, I once again donned the dress I was wearing the other day. With the exact headscarf of course! I wanted to wear something else but since I needed photos on this outfit, I put them on instead. I shall save the other dress for some other occasion.

Anyway, here you go. NAEEMA DRESS by Petitestaz.

It may look like a typical dress from the front but hey, take a look at the back! Can you see how well the two colors blend? Isn't it a surprise? Well, a fun sort of surprise if I must say.

Even though the two colors are from two different color classes (gray and green) yet they bring out the beauty of each colors in a most fun yet subtle way possible. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of green dresses. I always find it a bit difficult to pull off nicely especially when you have a darker color skin tone. But this one my dear, it's amazing!

Oh, not forgotten the "belacan" pink headscarf to compliment the look, isn't it a wonderful combination? Okay, this dress is a definite YES for my Eid pile this year. But what color headscarf should I wear next? Leave you wonderful suggestion on the comment box alright. Thank you in advance!

Headscarf and dress: Petitestaz
Shoes: Sembonia

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  1. Wow I like the colour contrast between the front and the back! It's so eye catching

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