Thursday, January 8, 2015

Nana Review: Mojo Nail Cafe

It was a well-spent day with the high school girlfriends last Tuesday! I left the house at 10AM as my girlfriends and I were going for a manicure and pedicure session (plus bachelorette "party") before Pnut's wedding this Sunday. Even though we were a little busy with our lives, and it's been ages since we got the chance to spend our day together like we used to in school, we decided to make ourselves free for a day and hang together like we used to. It was somewhat a mini gathering arranged for us girls. Too bad Zatie couldn't make it due to an emergency.

Thanks to Ikha's great planning, my girlfriends and I got to spend our precious two hours at a cozy nail spa and cafe called MOJO Nail Cafe in SS2, PJ. It was a great, wonderful and well-spent two hours ever! We got to talk, laugh, and we even started reminiscing on our high school days. Yaiks, we are old!

Our appointment was at 11AM. Since their business hour starts at 11AM and we got there exactly at 11AM, it took them like 5 - 10 minutes to set things up (afterall we were their first customers). Hence, we got to enjoy the cozy environment in the cafe like it belongs to no one else but us. Heheee :)

There were supposed to be four staff in charge yesterday. But unfortunately only three of them were available. I have no idea where was the other one. And one of the three arrived a little bit later. The service was great even though we only paid RM45 per person for the whole treatment (thank you Groupon!). It's just like we were paying the full price (ehem*RM146*ehem)! Anyway, if you were wondering what treatment we were having, it was spa manicure - pedicure treatment which includes hand and foot soak & scrub, hand and foot mask, cuticles cleaning, callus removal blablabla the usual stuffs.

However, since I need to keep my nails uncolored for religious purposed, I decided to buff them instead of coloring them (they only offered nail coloring for Groupon). So, I had to pay an additional RM10 for the buffing. Even though I sometimes find it a little annoying when you have to pay extra but hey, that's really not a problem here since I already got myself a good service at a bargain price.

Anyhoo, no matter how much money I paid for a product/service, one thing that always annoys me the most is the friendliness of the staff. I can't really take it if the staff is rude to the customers. It's just ... erghhh! Anyway, I'm not saying that the staff here treat us badly but hmmmm, they weren't THAT friendly. Well, at least two of them were OK. They did smile and the friendliest one did answer to our questions with smiles, but one of them, she is not a friendly person if I must say. Sorry for saying this, but to me she's a little bit rude. Not only from the way she talk but the way she work too (if that even make sense?). I was lucky I got the friendliest one! Hehee :)
How was the cafe? Well, I can't really say much about it as we don't even got the chance to eat nor drink there. Ikha was asking "what do you have here? Do you have a menu?" and one of the staff said that they don't have a menu or they weren't open or something I'm not sure. The cafe will only be opened just for tea time I guess. So yeah, I can't really comment on that can I?

Anyway, once we got our nails done, our tummies kept on growling asking for food. So, we went to Ikea for lunch and around 3PM, we headed home. Even though it was just a short and simple get together session, we had so much fun and inshaa Allah, we will be having this sort of gathering more often soon. So, I'll have more things to write in the future. Yay me! Heheee  :)

My overall review on MOJO Nail Cafe: One cozy place if you're looking for a place to hang with your girlfriends while having your nails done but bare the unfriendliness of some of the staff. But hey, since you gonna have your girlfriends along, you can barely notice that! And, if you are planning to come, make sure you go for the earliest appointment as possible. It seems like there are reviews online complaining about their tardiness when it come to appointments in the evening.

Have you been to MOJO Nail Cafe
Let's share your experiences and stories here too :)

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