Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Road to Success.

Being a blogger and an entrepreneur at the same time is not an easy task. I find myself giving up on blogging almost all the time because I'm too caught up with my so called business world. Alhamdulillah, after spending two hours with a person whom I admire in this virtual world, I finally got the strength and will to continue blogging all over again.

Last Friday was a moment that I can never really forget. I was invited to attend a sharing session with a famous Malaysia's fashion blogger and writer, Shea Rasol. I still remember when I first started knowing her. No, not through blogging but through an event I attended a year ago. It was a pleasant experience knowing this sweet and humble person. While others were so overwhelmed with her presence, taking pictures and whatnot, I just stood there not knowing what to do and when she saw me, she smiled and said "hi". It was so random yet since then, I find myself looking up to her when it comes to blogging because somehow she inspires me in so many way.

(This is last year's photo. I'm embarrassed by my "selekeh" look)

Enough about her, I bet you know her if you're into fashion especially when it comes to muslimah fashion industry. C'mon, she is one of the "seniors" in the industry. Anyhow, let's get back to the sharing session shall we?

As mentioned earlier, it was held on Friday (24.10.2014). This event took place at Ruang@Subang from 8PM to 10PM. The stylish and colorful crowd started to occupy the seats as early as 7PM. They're excited too I guess :) However, due to the heavy rain and bad traffic (it's Friday obviously!), the talk was postponed for almost half an hour yet everyone waited patiently while mingling around making new friends.

The event starts.

And ends.

It was an informative night if I must say. Even my aunt can't stop talking about it the whole weekend! (PS, she was my +1 that night. Heheee)

Besides sharing her secrets in the blogging industry, Shea Rasol also shared some tips and advises in becoming an entrepreneur. Even though she is not an entrepreneur herself, yet she gave good advises. I applaud her for that. 

Oh, and not forgotten the guest speaker of the night, a petite and successful entrepreneur, Sha Shaari who was there to share her tips and tricks in becoming a successful entrepreneur. I enjoyed her session the most but too bad I was in a rush I've forgotten to snap a photo with her.

Even though it was a short session, it was packed with details on tips in becoming an entrepreneur as well as on managing a successful business, online and offline. This twenty six years old entrepreneur over here, is is da bomb! She is not only successful online, but she owns two physical shops in Bangsar and Subang too for God's sake. How impressive is that?! No wonder she has so many tips to be shared with the rest. I guess I found my another inspiration huh? Heheee.

(Please ignore the shut eyes. I was sleepy I guess :P)

All in all, it was a successful and great once in a lifetime experience. Two thumbs up to Dynamigue team for organizing this wonderful event. Congratulation.


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