Thursday, October 2, 2014

A 2 Days Trip.

Oh my god! It's been a while since I last wrote here. It's been like what? Two months? It's been two friggin months! I was so busy with personal stuffs, work and all, I don't even got the chance to write a line or two here. I am so sorry for that!

Since I am super free today and I have like more that 23 hours of free time, I should write at least a line or two, shouldn't I? But I betcha it won't be a line or two! It's gonna be one long essay once I started! Well, that's just me. Heheee.

So, what shall I write today?

It's been like ... let me see, almost a week? Yea, it's been almost a week since I arrived at Kuching International Airport. The initial plan was to stay here for a day. Or two days top! But it seems like things are getting harder and more complicated that we expected it to be.


Alhamdulillah my sister is finally graduated (after 5 years) and she is now officially a dentist. As a dental graduate that are planning to work in Malaysia, she needs to attend a housemen-ship program for at least two years at a designated local clinics and hospitals. We (my family and I) were so excited and happy for her. Too bad the excitement does not last THAT long.

Instead of being transferred to clinics or hospitals within the peninsular of Malaysia, she was transferred to Sarawak. What worst, she is being transferred to Sibu, Sarawak. A place that none of us are familiar with. We never even been to Sibu our entire life! Luckily she has a wonderful friend that is from Sibu, Sarawak. At least with his help, it makes our stay in Sibu a little bit easier.

The hardest thing about living in Sibu is the accessibility to HALAL food. I am not saying that there's no HALAL food here but it's pretty hard to find them compared to those in KL. Unless you are staying in a Melayu (Malay) settlements like Kampung Datu and few other places, then HALAL food and restaurants wouldn't be any problem. Yes, they do have HALAL fast food restaurants like McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut and even a Malaysia franchise fast food restaurant called Sugarbun. But hey, who wanna eat fast food every single day?! That's not only bad for your health but bad for you pocket too!

Another difficulty that we were facing was accommodation. We couldn't find any decent place (for my sister and her friend) to rent until yesterday! We visited few places but they are either too pricey or too far from the clinics. We even came across places that I think is way too disturbing to live in! So poorly maintain and the environment is way beyond creepy! It's a big NO-NO-NO (especially for ladies) to live in. I'm not saying that the houses here are ugly (believe me the houses here are pretty and huge and some are unique too) but sadly they are not for rent. They are either for sale or already occupied. Bummer!

Once we settled with the accommodation stuffs, it's time for transportation! Since my sister and her friend are dentists (they basically live as doctors with on-call schedules but slightly looser schedules compared to real doctors) they need to have there own transportation to travel back and forth from home, hospitals and clinics. There's no problem in getting a brand new car here but since they won't be in Sarawak for that long (two years top) instead of looking for a brand new car they decided to look for a decent secondhand car.

Wow! People here do use their cars to the fullest. I applaud them for that. Unlike in KL where people (not everyone but some) change their cars like changing their undies, they do use their cars for at least seven years! So, the cars may need a little more care and need to be well maintained for it to work well. So, it's a little problematic for those who are looking for a good and sorta new secondhand cars. I'm not saying that all the secondhand cars here are in bad condition, but for single ladies that are staying alone far far away from home, it wouldn't be advisable, would it?

So yea, another major task to be completed and we're done! I can't wait for everything to be settled as I'm already missing home and believe it or not, my work too! Heheee.

So yea, my tea is getting cold now.
I guess it's time for me to stop writing then. Heheee. 
Have a nice day everyone and bye-bye!

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