Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nana Wears: My Black Dress

Yes, I gained some weight if you're wondering. It was one crazy schedule I have for the past few weeks so I don't really have the time to workout like I always do and what's worst, I don't even have the will to control my diet. I just simply eat whatever I feels like eating, junk food, fast food, you name it. Anyhow, I promise myself that I'll start working out and control my diet starting next week or I won't be able to fit into my baju raya anymore! Even though the fact that I have none for now somehow saddens me.

Even though I was a bit free in the morning - I even have the time to catch up on One Piece episodes which I missed, it was pretty much a busy day today. I gotta send some parcels for delivery, gotta get some new gadgets for the business, gotta send my steam iron for repair as it gave up on me couple of months ago, and not forgotten my sewing machine which needs a major service! Basically, it was an errand day which involves a lot of travelling here and there.

Since I need to be on my feet most of the time, I need an outfit that is chic (who doesn't want to look chic all the time?), decent yet comfy to wear. So, I decided to give my black maxi dress which I bought two years ago a go. I can't believe I can still fit in it! It seems that I don't really gained as much as I thought I have. Heheee. Since the black dress is sort of a skintight type (at least I think it is), I decided to put on my long gray cardigan which I bought last two years as well just to cover what needs to be covered.

Matching a plain scarf is a bit too boring don't you think? So, I decided to go for my aztec print scarf which I personally sewed for Petitestaz. Trust me, besides its interesting design, it's comfi-ness has always make it one of my all time favorite pieces when it comes to printed scarves.

A beige tote bag, a pair of gray flats that I bought three years ago and voila! I'm ready to go! Wow, It's sorts of "something old" look that I have today isn't it? Almost everything that I wore today were basically the stuffs that I bought years ago. But hey, even though they're old, it's still a chic, modest and comfy look that you can wear almost every day!

Pardon the graininess of these photos. It kills me too looking at these photos. I was indoor most of the time today and when I set foot outside it was already dark. So, I ended up taking photos in my room. Sigh!

Scarf, Cardigan Dress & Belt: Petitestaz
Flats: The Curve Weekend Bazaar
Rings: Lovisa, KLCC | Bag: Prada


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  1. me too, getting fat

    but dont worry as long as you're happy with yourself right? hihi


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