Thursday, May 8, 2014

Nana Diaries: She's A Hijabi :)

As I was going through my Facebook account yesterday, I came across a post by a wonderful friend and sister of mine from Kazakhstan (KZ). It's been almost a year (or maybe more) since I last talked to her. We were friends since our Foundation year. Anyway, as I saw her post, I realized that it has been a while since I last talked to her. So, I decided to send her a message on Facebook.


As I was settling myself after my Quran class earlier today, my phone beeped. "1 NEW MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK", it says. It was a message from her! I was excited. She told me that she is doing well in KZ and she got married last summer. Barakallah. She also wrote that she is now starting to wear a hijab. Mashaa Allah! I was so surprised and somewhat proud of her too!

I still remember when she first came to Malaysia, she told me that she is born Muslim. Unfortunately enough, she never really have an Islamic life. The saddest part was she doesn't even know how to perform Solah (prayer). She did asked about Islam once in a while, but they are just basic stuffs like why do you have to wear a hijab and whatnot. She wasn't really interested in knowing about Islam. She would rather discuss about studies, interesting places and some other random topics.

Isn't this lovely? An artwork from one talented sister, Tim
For more of her artworks, feel free to visit here!

After a year or so, she decided to leave Malaysia and went to the UK for her studies. She said "as the Muslims here is only a minority, they are pretty strong altogether. They seems interesting so I decided  to learn more about them". Alhamdulillah, she was so lucky . In the UK, she managed to attend Islamic classes every weekend. She even met wonderful brothers and sisters that are willing to help her in understanding Islam. She learned how to perform Solah, to fast, and all sort of other things about Islam. She somewhat regretted for not showing an interest in Islam much much earlier. "But one thing that I will never forget. You will always be the first person who ever invited me to perform Solah together. Thank you sister", she said. Allahu Akbar!


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