Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nana Diaries: Door of Yemen (Babul Yaman)

Alhamdulillah, my parents and I managed to attend Khansa's (Kak Lina's daughter) aqiqah yesterday. Since it was my first time attending a get-together session with the Malaysian here in Yemen, I was a bit concern and nervous at the same time. Alhamdulillah, they are really nice people Mashaa Allah. They treated me as if they have known me their entire life!

* * * *

Since dad's leg is much better now, he decided to take us to Bab Al-Yaman (Door of Yemen) which located half an hour away from our place. It was a wonderful experience. We arrived at 11AM and started to walk around until 1PM. There are tons of interesting items and old Yemeni buildings to see. I was in awe most of the time.

After taking tons of pictures, it's time for us to do some shopping. Well, this is not a shopping mall so you can't really fine any branded clothes, accessories and whatnot here. It's something like Rantau Panjang in Kelantan but a bit bigger. I wasn't that excited at first as the shops are basically selling clothes but when I stepped into this one sort of empty street, I immediately fell in love. Both on your left and right, you can see tons of rare and interesting items like their traditional daggers in all sort of design and sizes, Yemen old silver accessories and so much more! I'm beginning to love it here.

A week ago, as I was chatting with a friend, she kept on telling me that I must visit Babul Yaman at least once. There are tons of interesting items there. And she kept on insisting that I must look for a lantern shop at the end of the street and I'll love it for sure. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the shop she was talking about as there are so many "end of the street" I lost count. Heheeee. Inshaa Allah I'll come again someday and definitely look for the shop.

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  1. hahaa yes there r lota street ends and 'dead ends' too:p if i had the pic with me still you'd be looking for the place.hmm mayb they moved.o well, there r more stuff to look at there..god i miss their bread urgh


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