Monday, April 7, 2014

Nana Diaries: Dar Al-Hajr

As I was having my brunch after class, Kak Lina who just got back from Jami'ah (university) came over and said that we are going for a mini outing session at Dar Al-Hajr. Since my class was over, I decided to tag along even though I have no idea what Dar Al-Hajr really is. Heheee!

After a half and hour drive from our place, we arrived at a beautiful deserted place on top of a hill. It was so beautiful Mashaa Allah and I thought we were already at Dar Al-Hajr. As I was enjoying myself taking pictures, Kak Lina's husband said "there down there. That's Dar Al-Hajr". I was a bit confused and thought to myself, "where are we? Why are we here and not there?" 15 minutes later, Samy, the driver, took us to the real Dar Al-Hajr which located at Wadi Dhahr Valley. Hahhh, it was just a "teaser" of the real Dar Al-Hajr. I was excited.

So, this is Dar Al-Hajr!
Dar Al-Hajr is an iconic symbol of Yemen. From the stories that were told by one of the keeper of the palace, Dar Al-Hajr which also known as The Imam Rock Palace was built by Yahya Muhammad Hamid Ed-Din in the 1930s. Since there wasn't any king in Yemen in that period, Yemen was governed by a leader called Imam and it is called"Rock Palace" because it was literally built on top of a rock. Just imagine, one huge 5-stories building on a rock, I was in awe!

Dar Al-Hajr (The Imam Rock Palace)
Since one of the palace keeper is Abang Ali's closed friends, we got to the chance to hear stories on how the palace was built, when it was built, the purpose of each rooms, and we even got the chance to enter one of locked rooms, the room of Imam Yahya's beautiful wives. Subhanallah, the building and architecture is so sturdy and was beautifully planned.

The house of the soldiers. These five houses are attached together with one main door.

The scenery from the second floor of the palace.

After spending almost 2 hours, we decided to go for our lunch and headed home. It was an awesome and interesting experience. If you ask what is the most interesting things in Yemen? and I would definitely say a visit to Dar Al- Hajr.

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