Friday, February 7, 2014

Nana Diaries: A Day in Johor Bharu.

Alhamdulillah, even though my family and I didn't make it to Singapore last weekend, we did have a great time in Johor Bharu. We actually visited few interesting places in JB. I can't believe that these places do exist in Malaysia let alone in Johor Bharu itself!

After breakfast and a quick swimming session for the boys (us girls were too lazy to swim), we headed to Country Garden @ Danga Bay. Oh, we did went to the Danga Bay Entertainment Park the night before. It was entertaining and the scenery was beautiful. And it made my skinny purse skinnier if you know what I mean!

Anyway, Country Garden is a man-made island created by Country Garden Properties as a replica of one of their most high profile development project which is well, Country Garden! Country Garden @ Danga Bay is a a project that will transform Danga Bay into a world class coastal city or in short, the next Sentosa! It was beautiful and orgasmic if I must say. Even though you already knew that it was just merely a replica yet you can't stop yourself from clicking the shutter button over and over again. So, just imagine how it would be once the real thing is finally done! Oh I can't wait!

The next destination was Legoland (a must obviously). Unfortunately we didn't really enter the theme park as the crowd was HUGE. So, we headed to Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park for the beautiful view and some entertainment instead.

When I first saw the view I was like "this is so beautiful and peaceful."Obviously I have to have pictures taken but yea, I didn't really snapped much as I was busy enjoying the view. Heheee. There, we went to Lat's Place which located on the first floor of The Red Cube. Lat's Place is a uniquely designed animated-theme restaurant which brings our legendary cartoonist Lat's famous cartoon, Kampung Boy to life! Honestly, it's a really unique and interesting concept you ever see in Malaysia.

After snapping tons of photos we decided to have our late lunch since it was already late, the place is homey and the food looks delicious. Unfortunately we did not have our lunch at Lat's Place as we were told that the service will be a bit slow due to the big crowd and limited staffs. So, we had to have our lunch somewhere else instead!

Besides the interesting Lat's Place, there are also some other interesting attractions at Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park. There are Little Big Club which houses 5 lovable children characters, Barney, Thomas and Friends, Bob The Builder, Pingu and Angelina Ballerina which I don't really know, and the infamous Hello Kitty Town. If I am not mistaken, this is the first Hello Kitty Town that ever built outside of Japan. WOW!

As I was more that excited to experience the fun of both Hello Kitty Town and Little Big Club (I am THAT childish yes?), we hadn't have our lunch yet it was almost 5PM! So, we decided to head back to KL and had our 'lunch' on the road instead. What a waste! Inshaa Allah I would definitely come here again!

So, have you ever been to these places? What do you think of them? Oh, and any other interesting places in Malaysia that you think worth visiting? Do share yea. Who knows I might visit and write on those places one day. Hehee :) Inshaa Allah.

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