Thursday, January 23, 2014

Nana Diaries: My 2014.

Last two weeks were a pretty busy week for me. Especially the weekends. Since I am going away for a while, very soon, I've decided to pour all my energy and time to my beloved online shop (Petitestaz) while I am still here in Malaysia. It was a pretty hectic and tiring 2014 so far, but Alhamdulillah I am glad and grateful for it.

Prachenta Bazaar @ Damaisouq
I started off my 2014 with an offline event for Prachenta Bazaar @ Damaisouq. It was located behind of French Embassy in Jalan Ampang. Honestly, I was glad that I was given the opportunity to join them. Even though it was a pretty sunny and tiring weekend but Alhamdulillah I had so much fun and I got the chance to meet hundreds of wonderful and friendly people. Jazakallahu khairan.

The Labels Bazaar @ Citta Mall
The weekend after, I've decided to join The Labels Bazaar event at Citta Mall. This wasn't my first time joining bazaar event organized by this group of people, but this was the first time I'm doing it at Citta Mall. It was basically a good event. Got the chance to meet my awesome and wonderful customers, made new friends et cetera et cetera. Alhamdulillah.

After getting so hyped up with these two events, I need to give myself a break for a while. Ikutkan hati, I am so eager to continue doing this for the whole year, but hey, I am a human not a robot. I still have people around me to spend time with. Tapi inshaa Allah, I will try my very best to slot in as many events as possible this year. Pray for my success yea? Ameen :)

So yea, as my parents are coming over from Yemen for the next three weeks, I am going to spend most of my time catching up, going for a family vacation, visiting other family members from both mum and dad's side, and hopefully I still have time to update my online store and blog. Oh, and not forgetting, catch up sessions with my friends too! It's gonna be a pretty long year until I get the chance to hang with them again nanti. So, pardon me for the lack of update yea? Heheee.

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  1. bestnya dapat buka booth....pray for me too...hope dapat aktif balik dalam bisnes :)


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