Monday, October 14, 2013

Nana Diaries: A Weekend in October

Was supposed to write about this weeks ago but I was too caught up with things around me. Attending weddings, getting and updating stocks for my online shop, helping mum with dozens of chores and so much more. Anyhow, here I am today updating about my first weekend of October 2013.

It was Friday night and I was busy with the final preparation for The Labels Bazaar that I will be joining that weekend. Hoojab collection checked. Tops and bottoms checked. Purses and bags checked. Booth deco checked. Alhamdulillah everyhing has been loaded into my tiny McGray by 10PM. Now, I left with 'what to wear tomorrow?' question in my mind.

To be honest, I am not that particular about what to wear for the event as long as it's comfy and it allows me to move around easily. However, being the 'face' of my online shop I have to look fresh, pretty and most importantly confident when I meet those customers. So, I decided to wear this.

Electric blue chiffon top with black Levi's skinny jeans. In addition, the black wide shawl and electric blue flat shoes somehow compliment this "boring" outfit.

People might say, you're not attractive enough! That's just an everyday outfit! Yes, indeed it is. But remember, attractiveness does not only show from the way you dress but also from the way you stand, you talk, and even from the way you smile. Alhamdulillah, combining all these elements, everything went smooth and successful. Plus, I did get a free tee thanks to the elctric blue shoes I was wearing. Heheee.

The event started at 10AM on Saturday. There weren't so many people at first. Plus, the weather was super hot outside. Alhamdulillah, towards the evening around 2-ish, everyone started to come. People come. People go. They bought new tops, new skirts, new bags and purses. Some even come just to say HI! I was touched. Around 7PM, we call it a day. We packed and left. We need to get some stuffs for tomorrow.

After spending the whole weekend entertaining the customers, I am glad the weekend is over. It's not that I do not enjoy meeting oeople, making new friends but I have a tight schedule. I still have lots to do for the week. I need to look for materials for shawls requested by cousin in NZ, restocking and updating my online shop, attending weddings, helping mum as she's going away for a couple of month, and believe me, 7 days a week is not enough! So yea, I am glad but I wouldn't mind if I have to repeat the weekend all over again :)


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