Thursday, October 24, 2013

Nana Diaries: Unplanned.

So yesterday my cousin and I went for an unplanned movie session at Festival City Mall. I wasn't in the mood for a movie since I have dozens of things to do at home. BUT. When she called and said that we are watching Insidious Chapter 2, I quickly settled what need to be settled, got dressed and drove myself to pick her up from college.

Yes, I've been wanting to watch the sequel of Insidious for like forever. Since it was first aired few years back I guess. Even though I was screaming the whole movie back then, but the rush to know what happened to Josh (Patrick Wilson) makes my heart beats fast when I got the call. Gituuuuu!

So yea, the movie was at 1.45PM and since cousin bought the tickets online, I decided to perform my Zuhr prayer before I go. Much easier ain't it? So went to fetch cousin from college because she was super lazy to drive that day. Then suddenly I realized that the gas bar was blinking! McGray is running out of gas and we were like 10 minutes late. Oh noo! But heck, drove steadily yet my mouth kept on mumbling "sabar ye sayang. Don't do this to mommy". Alhamdulillah we arrived in one piece. Heheee.

Parked the car. Got ourselves to the cinema which is located on the second floor and the guy said "baru start 10 minit". Fuhhhh! Got our tickets and here we go!

My heart almost stopped when I accidentally clicked on this photo yesterday! Astaghfirullah! 
I love her dress tho. And the room too! Hahaa

What do I think of the movie? Hmmmm. Not bad I guess. Some said that it's scary. But for me it wasn't that scary or am I now immune to horror movies I wouldn't know. If you ask me do I feel the rush while watching this and my answer would be yes. This movie did made my heart skipped a beat or two but I still prefer the first one. Heheee.

But hey! If you watched the first one then this movie is a must watch. You'll get to know how and why this demonic entity keeps on disturbing the family and you'll definitely go "ohhh ahhh that's why" even though the scary parts are basically recycled from Insidious. Now, that's why I find it less scary then the one before! On the other hand, if you haven't watch the earlier part, go and watch that one first or you'll be a bit lost. Your choice tho. Since I watched the earlier part hence 3.5/5 stars for the movie :)

So yea, after the movie, we went for our late lunch plus early dinner at Ah Cheng Laksa. Did some shopping then straight away to Gombak to meet my Wonderglow customer for COD then straight back home for Love You Mr. Arrogant on TV3. Heheeee.

"WHAT, NO OOTD PHOTO?!" Fret not my dearest ones, here you go. So this is what I wore yesterday. I was wearing a plain pashmina that I bought from a market in Istanbul a year ago, striped top from Zara, skirt from Sri Munawwarah, TTDI, boston bag from Petitestaz and a pair of boots that I bought in Singapore ages ago! And there hanging on the bag are recycle shopping bag from a friend of mine and Bath and Body Works Pocket Bac from Starstruckz Malaysia.

So, what do you think of the outfit? A yes? Or no?
Thank you for reading. Have a nice day!


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