Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nana Wears: Red and Ruffles.

Some might say "it is impossible for me to wear red. Red is fierce!" Well ladies, you're not alone. We were once alike. I used to think that being a girl with her hijab on, the most suitable colour for us hijabis are pastel colours. Something light and soft because only these colours can give you a stylish look yet modest and decent. But guess what, I was wrong!

Fashion is not about being skinny, you do not need to starve yourself to look fashionable. It's not about being pretty, with hundreds of make up on. Afterall, beauty is subjective. Everyone is pretty in their own different way. But fashion is all about courage and willingness to experiment. You can't never really be fashionable if you are too scare and too embarrass to make mistake, can you? Some might say "you're committing a crime. Fashion crime! Don't be a fashion victim". But hey, mistakes are meant to be corrected, not insulted am I right? We learn from mistakes.

Few days ago, I decided to make a fashion experiment all by myself. I was scared at first but now, I am glad that I did. I decided to put on my red flared maxi skirt, my washed jeans ruffles top and a plain red shawl. With red as the primary colour of the outfit, I doubt I can pull it off but Voila! It was such a great look! 

I tucked in my washed jeans ruffle top under my flared maxi skirt just to give myself a taller look. Mind you I am petite (4" 10) and I have a pear shaped body. I slipped my 4" washed blue colour wedges on, a single handle red tote bag and guess what, I look much taller and slimmer thanI really am! Oh, the red shawl and the Karen Walker shades just gave the outfit a chic and younger look to this hijabified outfit.

Sorry you can't really see the shoes I was wearing.

So ladies, don't be afraid to try. Don't be afraid to experiment. You will never know what you will achieve unless you try. To those who liked and commented on this outfit on my Facebook and Instagram, thank you so much. I really appreciate each and every suggestion and comment you people gave me. Inshaa Allah I'll do better next time.

Oh and just in case if you're wondering I decided to give Lookbook a try. It is a #1 source for fashion inspirations from the real people. Feel free to visit mine. You can always 'fan' or even 'hype' any of my photos if they inspire you. Till then, goodbye for now. Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!


  1. cuma nak tanya 1 jer.. bila jalan tak tersadung ke pakai kain meleret camtu?? kalau saya la.. confirm cium lantai dah.. kekekekeke

  2. Agreed ngan Nana. Dan Nana nampak cantik dan padan sekali dengan tudung merah dan red plated skirt tu. Suka lah gaya Nana...

  3. red is the one color that can attract human being whether is male of female..i like red, its a color for courageous person...


  4. yeahh it's truly dont be afraid to try....

  5. nice outfit..tpi too bad for me sll rse kalo pki skirt mcm tu nmpk kembng sgt.. anyway sudi2 la singgah new

    1. thank you syg. Everyone has their own thoughts kan. So tak kesahlah pakai ape as long as you selesa. Will do inshaa Allah :)


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