Monday, October 21, 2013

Nana Shares: My Wardrobe Essential - Basic Tees

Black tees. White tees. These two tees are the most essential items in my wardrobe. In fact, every closet needs AT LEAST one of these! But in my case, I have dozens of them in my wardrobe. Heheee. Why you ask. Well, it seems like these two never seem to go out of style and the coolest part is, they can be worn with pretty much everything in your closet! 

Why I choose black and white? Well, the are the most universal colors ever. Pair it (the long sleeves of course!) with a black pants/skirt, a black pump and plain color hijab (and a blazer if you have to wear the short sleeve ones) for a formal look. You can also wear them with your favourite jeans for a casual look on the weekend and for a stylish and fashionable look, try to pair them with a printed blazer or a cardi and long maxi skirt. Add a statement jewellery, a pair of heels/ballet flats and a clutch to polish the look :)

 Where I get these basic tees? As these tees especially the white ones can become unwearable quickly, I would advice you to ditch the designer versions and get a bunch of inexpensive ones for yourself. I usually got mine from F.O.S and Uniqlo. I even get some from Pasar Malam too! It's your choice :)

Anyway, here are some of the outfit inspiration that I put together earlier just for you people. Do let me know which one is your favourite. So ladies, don't be afraid. Invite some friends over and let's play dress up!



The Girly Girl



  1. Dear, thanks sebab comment.. btw, In Shaa Allah.. akan baca ur blog, sebab banyaknyer fashion...(^___^)

  2. memang minat fesyen ni.. awesome.. :)

  3. Pastelina tu lawa ! Anyway, love ur blog ! Banyak betul pasal fesyen and blog pun tak serabut dengan widgets ^^


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