Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nana Diaries: Let's call her 'Muse'

Hello and assalamualaikum everyone.

Being able to be a blogger with interesting posts everyday has been my ultimate dream since I started blogging. Even though the only reason why I blog 5 years ago was merely because almost everyone in my class owns a blog, but today, being able to write interesting post and inspire others in all sorts of ways have been my only reasons why I am still patiently blogging.

Five years ago, without really knowing the reason and purpose of blogging I started to write on my blog called Nanababyboo. Yes, it is such a childish name for a blog but mind you, I was only a 19 year old girl! I write all sorts of things. From daily ranting, tips and tricks, movie reviews, and all sorts of random stuffs that I feel like writing.

After a while I came to realize that writing random stuff is not so fun anymore. I decided to write about something that I love; beauty and fashion. However if you must know, I am not good at both. I almost gave up. Until one day I met this one adorable and wonderful person that somehow inspires me to really take my passion in writing and fashion (and beauty) to a whole new level. Let's call her 'Muse'.

Besides her friendliness, her passion in writing and fashion and the fact that she is a fashion blogger/journalist has somehow inspires me to start blogging again. I am now really looking forward to see what I can do. I know it is hard to write and inspires people but reality check here! I AM inspired by this 'Muse', why can't I be like her? I want to inspire others' too. Hehee. Hopefully inshaa Allah I will be able to write and share everything that I know and love with you wonderful readers out there. Aminnnn.

Till then, I shall write again soon inshaa Allah. 
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. 
Jazakallah :)

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