Friday, September 27, 2013

Nana Diaries: Juggles.

Juggling time between work, family, and yourself is the hardest thing ever. As I am still a young single woman, family refers to spending time with my parents, brother, sisters and sometimes the whole extended family. I am lucky enough to be born into a family that put family as their #1 priority. However, when it comes to making a decision between attending events and having dinner with the family at home, somehow I just wish that I can cut myself into two.

Earlier last week, I was flattered to receive a call from one of the organizers of an online fashion hub. They told me that they will be having a fashion event later that week and would love to have me around. Being a girl that love fashion and beauty, I saw this as an opportunity for myself to learn more about fashion and at the same time, it allows me to do some networking too! I said to myself, "this is something that I can never ever missed!"

However, here's the catch! The event starts at 5PM and I was supposed to fetch my sister from campus at 5 and later that night, we were supposed to have family dinner as my brother was at home too. I was so reluctant to go as I know I will be late for dinner due to the bad traffic. 

Alhamdulillah, I was lucky enough to have such an understanding family. When I told mum that I'll be attending an event and will be late for dinner and I can't help her preparing them, she was so understanding and said that she knows how important this is to me and my job and she also knows that I love and enjoy every minute that I spend doing things that I do.

The event starts.

And ends.

It was half passed 7. After Maghrib, I went to fetch my sister from her campus. The traffic was bad. Real bad! I was glad that I told mum that I'll be late for dinner and she decided not to cook and we shall have dinner outside. We reached the restaurant at almost 9PM. My parents, brother and sister were sitting at a table talking while waiting for the food to be served. Alhamdulillah, my sister and I made it on time. We talk and laugh, and I was happily telling them every single details of the event. I told them I was glad I went, and they said they were glad too!

Because simple is more. I was wearing
Rainbow Blazer in White by Petitestaz,
a simple pastel orange tank top, black 
Skinny jeans and black lycra scarf.


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