Friday, May 17, 2013

Nana Reviews: Laneige Water Bank Hydro Gel

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.

It's been two weeks since I last wrote here. Maafkan saya. I was busy settling some workloads and all. So yea, hari ni I'm not gonna write about apa I buat, mane I pegi blablabla boring stuffs. In fact, hari ni I nak tulis about something that I love so much and I can never live without. In short, I'm gonna write a product review! Well, it's more like a story compared to a review sebenarnya. Heheee. Well, I jarang buat product review unless I really really love that stuff. So yea, product apa yang I nak bebelkan hari ini? Well, jeng jeng jeng!

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you might notice that I am a sucker for Laneige products. Siap pesan kat orang tolong belikan direct from Korea lagi. Amikkau! Tapi fret not, you can always find this product kat Malaysia. Even dekat KLIA, LCCT pun melambak. So, tak payah susah-susah nak pi Korea beli. I je saje gatal-gatal nak suruh mereka-mereka yang pegi Korea tolong belikan. Heh heh!

Water Bank Hydro Gel from Laneige

So yea, back to the product here. Laneige Water Bank Hydro Gel. I still remember the first time I tried this product. It was two years ago. I was roaming around the mall looking for new skincare products. Sebabnye the one that I was using that time was not so good and effective on my skin. Plus, I have an "annoyingly mengade" skin type. It may seems oily from the outside but at the same time dehydrated on the inside. Plus, it sorts of sensitive too! So, nampak tak betapa susahnya untuk I nak mencari skincare yang not only suitable but affordable at the same time?! 

As I was enjoying myself ke hulu ke hilir mencari, I came across a Laneige counter. Kebetulan pulak die ade buat free skin test. So, nak membazirkan masa I decided to do one. Plus, it's free kan? What's the harm. The SA told my that I have a combination and sensitive skin type. So I asked her, "which do you think suits me?" She replied, "our Water Bank skincare line". I told her my story and said the most important think that I'm looking for right now is actually a moisturizer. Haaaa, time tulah die kenalkan I dengan Laneige Water Bank Hydro Gel. Katanya, due to my oily skin she does not recommend the cream type sebab nanti ia akan membuatkan muka I oilier. So, she recommended the Hydro Gel.

In their website, Laneige stated that "Elite herbs grown naturally in glacial waters from the Swiss Alps are extracted with tremendous care and carefully mixed with the ‘Aqua SuperAction’ Novasome Capsules, along with Laneige’s already efficacious properties in the Water Bank line.  A light and refreshing aqua-blue gel type moisturizer with delicate soft granules in pale blue is the result! Despite being light, the gel is moisturizing enough to keep moisture and essential nutrients “locked” where they should. Skin is kept trouble and fatigue free as it soothes and calms. Skin experiences rejuvenation and illuminates with a natural glow.  It is also especially helpful to sun damaged skin with its cooling and recovering properties." Tempting enough? Heheee

Honestly, I was reluctant at first. I mean c'mon, I've tried dozens of products before yet nothing really suits me. Plus, it isn't that cheap hokayh! It was a hundred over ringgit. So I asked for some samples dulu. I was lucky! The SA was kind enough to give me some samples. She gave me the Hydro Gel samples and some other products that she thinks suitable for me. I was happy!

Balik tu, sampai je rumah, I terus try pakai. To my surprise, I straight away fell in love with it. Bak kata orang, cinta pandang pertama. Ok, bukan pandang but more to cubaan pertama. Seriously, it is very light and at the same time moisturizes my skin. And it absorbs easily too! Walaupun secara luaran I rasa macam tak pakai any moisturizer tapi on the inside I feel good and fresh. Plus, it smells good too! And it comes in a pretty clear blue jar yang sangat attractive.

Few days later, I terus pegi cari Laneige counter and bought the full size jar for myself. And not to my surprise, I've been using it ever since! In fact, I almost finish my 3rd bottle and will be getting my 4th bottle very soon! Percaya tak for the past 2 years, I baru pakai 3 botol. And yes, I've been using it religiously! So, walaupun die agak expensive but hey, you can use it for half a year a bottle which kalau harga die RM140 (RM140/6bulan = RM23.33) WHICH kalau you simpan duit seringgit sehari, in less than 6 months pun dah boleh beli! Totally worth it kan? Hahaha, ok nampak tak I semangat gile bercerita siap tolong buat calculation lagi!

So yea, that's all for now. To those yang ada skin type macam I and masih mencari skincare yang sesuai, feel free to try this product. Anda takkan menyesal. To those yang dah try, do share your experience yah. Sharing is caring kan??? Hehheeee. Have a nice everyone. Wassalam.


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    1. memang best yang. feel free to try. heheee

  2. wahhh , nak try jugak lahhh!! muka saya pun jenis berminyak and rasa macam sume produk tak berkesan je...haihhh, thanks for the info (:

  3. tak berani nk pakai tkut tak semuai ngn kulit la....

  4. x mampu lagi nak pakai yg mahal2 hehe, anyway nice review :)

  5. I've been looking for mosturizer for ages... nothing suits me nanti nak cuba gak la klu berkesempatan..hee i dont know in penang ada outlet laneige or not. Thanks for sharing ♥ i also have a combination skin

    1. Go ahead. Give yourself a try. Or maybe you can ask for a sample instead. Just in case takut membazir. Anyway, I'm not sure kat Penang ade ke tak but if I'm not mistaken there is at least one (I hope). Good luck!

  6. blh tahu you just pakai waterbank hydro gel ni shj ke atau u ade amik produk laneige yg lain?


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