Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nana Diaries: Simple yet Pleasant Day.

Hello everyone. Assalamualaikum.

Yayy alhamdulillah it seems that I dapat update blog I lagi hari. 
So yea, let's cut the chase and straight to the story shall we?

Few weeks ago, my girlfriends and I decided to go for a facial session dekat Facial First, Mid Valley. All thanks to my dear friend, Fana yang sibuk mem-promote the company's vouchers months ago. Kalau tak, memang tak la kiteorang nak pegi. Tak mampu kottt. Heheee. So yea, due to our different busy schedules we gotta postponed it sampai semalam. Thank God!

So yea, we were supposed to meet at Jenn's dalam pukul 11am then pegi SS2 for our graduation pictures, lepas tu baru pegi Mid Valley for our facial and movie session. However, since maid I still tak balik lagi semalam and I was too caught up with house work, I macam terlambat sikit. Mane taknya, tengah sibuk basuh sidai kain, siapkan makanan untuk the kids, tengok tengok dah pukul 10.45. Apa lagi, kelam kabut I. Nasib baik la Serene pun somehow ada masalah nak keluar rumah semalam. Entah kenapa kereta yang she was supposed to drive tak boleh nak start since 10.15. Hahaaa

So yea, around 11.20 I was already at Jenn's. We waited for Serene and around 12 we headed to Mid Valley. Since our appointment was at 12.30, we gotta skipped the graduation pictures thingy.

Alhamdulillah, masa kiteorang sampai Facial First tu even though dah almost 1pm, still takde orang. Gembira tak terkata. So yea, after filling in our details it's facial time! Sangat teruja. It's been a while since I went for a facial session.

Few hours later, this session had come to an end. Konon-kononnya lepas facial kiteorang nak pi tengok Breaking Dawn Part 2 tapi the next show was at 4pm and we were like kalau tengok sini nanti traffic jam blablabla. So, we decided to watch at 1 Utama instead.

Thanks to GSC online, we purchased our tickets on the spot and we headed to SS2 for our pictures. Wajib tu! Hehee. Anyw, since it was only 3pm, we planned to get some food before the movie but thanks to the not-so-good traffic, we arrived 1 Utama at 4.20pm. And the best part is, our movie was at FOUR!

So yea, instead of having our late lunch, we ended up buying chicken hotdogs, mash potatoes, sweet corn and some drinks for ourselves dekat GSC. Yum yum! Banyak gile beli macam seploh tahun tak makan! Heheee.

After the movie, we went for a mini shopping session. Kononnya nak beli itu nak beli ini tapi takde yang menarik so, we walked to Starbucks got ourselves some coffee and headed home. Simple yet pleasant day.

That's all for now.
 I shall write again soon. 
Till then, toodles!

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