Monday, October 29, 2012

Nana Diaries: I'm officially a graduand!

Hello everyone! Assalamualaikum.

First of all, sorry sangat sebab dah lama tak update. Bukan tak nak update tapi for the last one week, I was too caught up with work, online business and stuffs sampai takde masa nak update blog I yang kiut miut ni. Heheee. Alhamdulillah, hari ni dapat jugak I update and hopefully it is worth updating. So, let get to the story shall we?

Yesterday was the happiest moment in my life. Selain dapat jumpa my college friends like Aaron, Max, Joe, Antony, Jacky and everyone yang dah almost half a year tak jumpa, I finally an official graduand of Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance of Anglia Ruskin University. Alhamdulillah, it seems all my hard work and late night sleep is finally paid off.

So yea, the event was supposed to start at 11am tapi all the graduands have to be at One World Hotel, Bandar Utama by 8.30am. Since parents I taknak pegi awal-awal, I have to drive myself dulu. Thankfully I arrived at the same time dengan my girls and Max, so takde la rasa awkward sangat. After we registered ourselves and get our robes which took us almost half an hour to pakai, we had our very own photography session.

Graduands of BSC (Hons) Accounting and Finance
From left: Vicky, Angel, Esther, Renee, Ms.Lee, myself, BiChai, Azlan

Lord Ashcroft International Business School Graduands 2012
Front-left: Alice, Wendy, Serene, Jenny, myself
Back-left: Max, WeiKang, Aaron, LiangSiang, AhHock, Joe

My dodgeball mates
Front-left: Serene, myself, Jenny
Back-left: Max, Reuben, Antony

Le familia ♥ ♥

Honestly, I was beyond excited! Mana taknya, I can't even remember when was the last time I met these people. I mean, yes I met my girls couple of times tapi the boys, ohmygawd! Around 10am, my parents and sisters sampai. I was so excited. My mum tanya, nak bunga tak? I was like no need lah malas nak pegang. Plus, dad already bought me dozens of chocolates the day before. 

So yea, around 11am, we entered the ballroom. The event was a success. Everything seems to follow the schedule. Around 1pm, the event came to an end. Mum and dad decided to balik so, the girls and I went to get some refreshment since kiteorang barely had our breakfast. We were so happy, kiteorang tak perasan yang there's no chairs available. 

Lepas excited amik makanan semua, baru kiteorang perasan yang everyone was eating while standing. We like 'oh no. This is so uncomfortable! We need chairs!" Pusing pusing, satu kerusi pun tak jumpa. In the end, three of us decided to buat muka tak malu. Kiteorang selamber je duduk atas lantai makan. What's worst is we were sitting right in the middle of the room. Semua orang yang lalu, semua tengok je sambil senyum senyum. Some of them even took pictures. Tetiba rasa macam celebrities. Hah!

She came all the way from Thailand for our graduation!

So yea, around 2.30pm, I decided to balik. Konon-kononnya Serene and I ingat nak pegi hangout lepak lepak for awhile tapi Jenny ada mini celebration with her future in-laws, we gotta postpone it. So yea, it was a wonderful day. Thank you to those who came for the ceremony. And thank you jugak for all the wishes tak kiralah through Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Whatsapp, Instagram, text and even phone calls. Thankyou sangatsangat! I love you all. Muahmuahmmmmuahhhh!

Well, that's all for now.
I shall write again soon.


  1. congrates dear ! saat convo mmg saat yg palinggg indahhhh ;)


  2. kunjungan gan,bagi - bagi motivasi
    Hal mudah akan terasa sulit jika yg pertama dipikirkan adalah kata SULIT.Yakinlah bahwa kita memiliki kemampuan dan kekuatan.
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya yaa :)


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