Monday, October 1, 2012

Nana Diaries: Cousin is Engaged!

Good morning sunshine. Assalamualaikum.

It has been quite some times since I last posted in this 'wondeful' blog of mine. As usual. the only reason why I barely update for the last couple of months is because I was so caught up with dozens of things. Cousin's engagement, work, bestfriend's leaving, yadda yadda yadda. Pardon my long disappearance ya. Anyw, fret not, today I am back with the 'semangat' to blog as frequent as possible. inshaAllah.

So yea, hari ni I nak share dengan korang semua about my cousin's engagement. The ceremony was held on September 16th, which was on Sunday. Honestly, it was a pretty hectic session for an engagement ceremony.  Selalunya, bila any of the close families ada event macam ni I akan jadi orang pertama yang help out. I la yang ke hulu ke hilir. I la yang sibuk buat itu buat ni. But unfortunately, kali ni I can barely be there to help out since I have my own event to attend few days before the engagement ceremony.

To keep it short, walaupun I tak sempat nak duduk kampung like a week before the cemerony I managed to help my dear cousin with her engagement ceremony. Since the event was on Sunday, I dengan the rest of the family balik kampung on Saturday. Malam tu, sissie, cousin and I decided to have a sleepover dekat auntie's just to help out with stuffs while the rest pi tidoq homestay. Malam tu we baked cookies, cakes and tarts, we decorated the hantaran, we cleaned the house, alhamdulillah semua major stuffs dapat disettlekan before midnight.

Walaupun the event was at 12noon, tapi pagi pagi lagi kiteorang dah bangun nak settlekan all the minor stuffs pulak. Tepat pukul 12, rombongan meminang pun sampai. Since I was the unofficial photographer/videographer dapat la I join the "orang tua" dekat depan.  Live gitu. Terasa macam dapat VVIP ticket pulak. Hehehe. Anyw, Alhamdulillah, everything went smooth except the catering part which kalau I nak cerita sampai minggu depan belum tentu habis. So yea, now, my dear cousin is officially tunangan orang. Congrats Oya!

Well, that's all for now. I shall write again soon inshaAllah. Toddles~


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