Monday, March 5, 2012

Nana Diaries: Unprivate Blog

It has been almost a week since I private my blog. No, bukan tak nak berkongsi cuma I was in shocked and scared to death. Kenapa? Here's the story. Last Thursday, when I got back from college seperti biasa saya akan mengadap lappy kesayangan saya. I do not know why I was so eager to blog that day walaupun nothing much had happened for the past couple of days. So yea, I tried to log in to my google account but somehow it says "password incorrect. Your password has been changed 7 hours ago". I was like WHATTTTT?!! I was so confused. Bile pulak aku tukar password ni. This is so weird I tried to open my link.

HOMG! There it was! All in capital! I was so shocked when I saw a message "kalau awak nak blog awak balik sila bukak link ini". I was so scared I cried. I know I know, macam budak kecik tu pun nak nangis but hey, it scares me to death ok. Somehow time tu tiba-tiba I do not know what to do but cry. After a while, I decided to reset my password. Alhmadulillah everything is ok and since I'm still a bit scared, I decided to private my blog for few days. So yea, hopefully everything will go just fine lepas ni. Ini sangatlah scary ok!

So yea, that's basically the story. Thanks to my dear bestfriend, Rasya for being there for me. And Faris, even though you're not physically here and you laughed at first, you were there for me and I know I always have someone to talk to. Thank you. I love you bothhhhhhh ♥ ♥

Anyw, last Friday was Serene's birthday. It was a wonderful celebration. We had our lunch at Fish and Co (you do not wanna know who I ran into) and had the mini celebration in Haagen Dazs. Oh yea, since I have tons of assignments and homework to finish, I have no time to do the video yet. Will upload it once it's done. For now, here's the photos courtesy to Jenny Lim.

Birthday Girl *Serene Chiang*
We somehow wore the same color ^.^
 From left: Wendy, Jenny, Alice, Serene and ME ^.^
First row from left: Aaron, Serene, WeiKang
Second row from left: Antony, Joe, Max, Jacky

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