Saturday, March 17, 2012

Nana Diaries: I'm a Food Lover!

Friend: What do you love the most?
Friend: What!! Why?!
Me: Because food makes me happy!

For the past few days, saya sangat sangat craving for Kenny Rogers. Kenapa? I have no idea why tapi saya rasa ini semua gara-gara cousin saya which is also my roommate yang entah kenapa dia tiba-tiba memperlihatkan gambar ayam Kenny Rogers dan Macaroni&Cheese yang membuatkan saya sangat sangat rasa ingin makan. So yea, since saya pun dah lama tak jumpa kakak saya yang sangat busy tak menentu, I've decided to ajak dia untuk menikmati hidangan Kenny Rogers last week. 

Oh and to my surprise, she was super free she took a half day off! Ohmai, gembira tidak terkata saya! We met at Kenny Rogers, Mid Valley around two (I was there at one but heck, the parking was insane!). So yea, seperti biasa, we ordered our regular dish Quarter Chicken set and iced lemon tea, and start our regular gossip session. Ohmai, how I miss my kakak so much ♥

Some photos for today :)

Finally, Kenny Rogers. I loike~

 Oh, and I love coffee too :P

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