Monday, March 19, 2012

Nana Diaries: New Heels!

Happy Birthday Puan Mariam Kushairi

Yesterday was aunt's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANYAH!) The plan was to have an early birthday breakfast. But too bad, since the boys lambat gile nak mati bangun we went for a birthday lunch instead. Around twelve, all fifteen of us went to Cozy Corner, Ampang Park for our get-together lunch and as usual, I ordered Mee Hailam and Iced Lemon Tea. My other aunt (Wande) bought an icecream cake for the mini celebration too. Yayyyy~

My favourite for lunch ♥ ♥

After our lunch session, we went around Ampang Park to do some shopping. Well, it was supposed to be a window shopping for me 'cause I don't really have that much money left. However, as cousin and I were  looking for toilet, we came across an affordable shoes shop. OMG, all of of them are friggin BEAUTIFUL! I feel like buying 'em all but too bad I only have RM63 in my purse so I only bought a pair. I am so gonna come here again soon! Ok, I am officially broke I only have RM3 left in my purse -.- 

So yea, the day didn't end yet. For dinner, dad took us to Fiske Steak House in AU2 Keramat for a western dinner session. This time I had a Beef Steak and Watermelon Juice. Yes, I know I eat a lot. Well, I love food remember :P So yea, the food was okay. I was so full I can't even look at any kind of food for the next 12hours.

My dinner ♥

Additional pictures for today.
The boys and the couple :)

The girls ^.^

I'm enjoying my Cendol Pulut!

This gorgeous only cost me RM60! 

That's all for now. Thanks for reading. xox


  1. sila beli sila beli. 60 hengget saja :P Oh lupe takde kat Malaysia :P *hugs


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