Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nana Diaries: It's Antony's Day!

Hello and good morning to all my lovely readers. 
How are you today? 
Well, since my class is at twelve today, 
I've decided to blog before I hit the shower. 

So yea, on 10th of March which was on Saturday, was my crazy annoying friend,
  Antony Remo a.k.a Antonio Margharini's birthday (oh, and Ken's too)
As usual when it comes to one of the gangs birthday, 
Serene and I will be in charge of planning and buying presents. 
The plan was to have a mini celebration on the coming Monday 
but since we were on a semester break,
 we pushed it forward to last Monday. 

Antony said he was a bit shy because his birthday was like few weeks ago. 
But being Antony, there's no such thing as SHY in his dictionary :P

Our class for the day ended at twelve pm.
Since only five of us; Serene, Wendy, Alice, Antony and I attended the class 
(Serene and I made Antony came if not he'll be sleeping at home as well)
we went to 1U and waited for the guys in Pizza Milano.

Why Pizza Milano? Because it's AFFORDABLE! 

After our crazy lunch session, we went to Popular to do ... 
I have no idea what we did there besides laughing and screaming. 
Then we went to my favourite place ever TOYS 'R US! 
Omg, suddenly everyone turned into kids. 
Playing Lego, Star Wars 'chase and run' blablabla. 
Nasib baik staff die tak marah :)

So yea, we had a great day. 
I shall now hit the shower. Till here for now. xox

Pictures for today
The girls

The boys (Aaron's expression ... EPIC!)

Antonio with his birthday present.
A blue color hoodie from Uniqlo!

Bonding time with the brother :P

How can this be SHY?!!!

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