Friday, February 17, 2012

Nana Diaries: Like A Princess

Hello guys! How are you? I know it has been a while since I really sit in front of my lappy and write. But hey, don't worry I'm still here to share everything that happen around me. So, if you guys watch the video I posted in my previous post, yesterday was my birthday! My 23rd birthday. Yes, I know saya dah tua :)

Anyw, since I had a straight 8 hours classes, we did not have any big giant gigantic birthday celebration but instead my friends (Serene, Jenny, Aaron, Joe, Antony, Liang Siang, Pearl, Wendy and Alice) and I went to McDonald in Bandar Utama (it's just in front of KBU)  to get our lunch. To my surprise, they spontaneously planned a mini birthday celebration for me. First, Jenny and Serene went to buy some cakes and Joe had dragged me to Guardian to look for 'stuff'. When we came back to McDonald, there were three slices of cakes on the table and everyone was preparing themselves for the 'birthday song' session. I was so embarrassed and terharu at the same time. I mean look at these people standing in front of me singing birthday song and everyone looks happy. So yea, we had our photo session, 'let's open the presents' session, free manicure session, our lunch and we headed back to college for our classes.

My next class was Strategic Management Accounting class. It was supposed to be a three hours class but my lecturer decided to make it a one and a half hour class 'cause he wasn't feeling well. There I was sitting at my place looking so sleepy and tired (was busy editing previous video the whole night before) suddenly Ken came up to me and said 'Nana, let's go!' I was so blur and asked where are we going? Then he said 'let's go to Baskin Robbins for you present!' I was stunned! So, Ken, Qiao Li, Steven and I walked to Centerpoint (for the second time) to get our Baskin Robbins. I took the triple scopes and four of us shared the ice-cream  together :) Oh, and the girls in class sang a birthday song for me tooo! Thanks dearies ♥

Since my class ended at 4.30pm , I arrived home at 5pm. Mum and lil sis were in the kitchen. I was like 'what are you guys doing? Isn't it too early to cook for dinner?' Then lil sis said 'we are baking cake for you birthday!' Awwww ... so sweeet! Thank you guys1 Ok, that was the end of my special treats. I really had a wonderful time yesterday. Thank you to my mum and dad, sisters and brother, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends for your wishes. I love y'all. ILOVEYOUMUAHMUAH <3

PS: Enjoy the photos and video :)

My girlfriends <3

 With the girls :)

and the crazy bunch :D

the girls in class :P

The classmates :)

From the gang !

From Steven, Qiao Li and Ken

From the family :)

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