Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nana Diaries: Saya Nak Kahwinlah!

Hello everyone! How's your day? 
Well, my day is good I guess except for the fact that 
I have tons of cleaning to do since I had a pretty hectic weekend last week and maid wasn't around.  
Seriously I tell you mum is so pissed with her right now she can kill her! 
Ok, I shall get back to that later.  
Oh before that, sila abaikan tajuk entri hari ini ya XD

Anyw, my weekend was full with walking and driving around but I had fun tho. In the morning, cousins, sister and I went to post office to claim my mail (another reason why I hate when maid is not around). At first, we went to the post office somewhere near cousin's workplace since that's the usual place we went to collect our mails. Too bad, it was the wrong post office! The lady told me that my mail is somewhere else. I was so pissed since I do not know where on earth is that post office. Called dad and he told us the place. Thank god we know the way. Kalau tak sumpah dah tak amik dah! It was from London. I was shocked and confused. I didn't order anything and there's NO NAME at all! But hey, who cares I got a present! LOL

From someone who is eight hours away! ♥

Ok, we shall forget about the gift now. So, we continue our so called journey to Shah Alam for a wedding exhibition in Shah Alam Convention Center. To be honest, I wasn't that excited at first I even said to my cousin that I'll be bringing some book and magazines just in case I get bored and to my surprise it wasn't boring at all. IT WAS FUN! I mean look at all these nice dresses, pelamin, and all. 

The fashion show :)

I like the this one!

OMG, they are so beautiful! I feel like getting married! 
Yes, no kidding I was friggin excited! 
We were there for almost the whole day! 

Ok, to spice things up, while I was sitting at the VIP seats (statement ini sangat penting XD) for the wedding fashion show, I noticed something that took half of my life away (not literally)!

me: Look at that person in the video. He looks like Sheran doncha think?
sis: Yea. Wait a minute! That is him! Look look look~
me: omg! It is him! When was that?! BILA DIA KAWEN?! TAKTAHU PUN!!!

I was shocked when I saw the video. It was a wedding video of a friend of mine in high school. I was so curious I tweeted about it. I was like why on earth I didn't know about this wedding at all. To make thing worst, some friends actually knew about this yet no one ever mention it! Lord, I feel so left out. Ok, whatever I don't really care. Anyw, congratulation to Shahiran and wife for the big beautiful wedding! I love it! Oh, and yes! I got to see the video and photos too! HAHAHAHA :)

sorry sheran, I snapped some sweet photos of yours XD

Ok, that's all for now! 
Oh yea, mum was pissed because maid keeps on making excuses 
to not to come back yadda yadda long story. 
Cerita sampai esok pun tak habis! Thanks for reading. xox


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