Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nana Reviews: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack


Hello everyone! Assalamualaikum. How's your day today? Mine is good alhamdulillah. Firstly, I am glad I already took the car for a service today. Been wanting to take it since last week but too many things happened thank God, finally the day has come! So yea, today I'm not gonna talk about my car since there's nothing interesting to talk about it pun. What I'm gonna talk about today is THIS!

Apakah itu? Haa, I'm sure those who love beauty products mesti tahu about this thing kan. This is a product from Laneige and it's kinda popular all around Asia because of its good reviews. Well, if tak tahu what is it and what is it for then nevermind. I shall talk about it soon. Before that I would like to thanks my friend, Zaty who bought it for me in Seoul last weekend. It's not that this thing tak ada here in Malaysia but it's just too pricey! And since it's way cheaper in Korea (RM70) compared to Malaysia which cost me more than RM100 for a jar, I decided to asked her to buy it for me in Korea instead. And being a wonderful friend, she bought it for me! Yay~

I've been wanting to buy this for ages but somehow I decided to wait and just ask for the sample packs everytime I buy my other beauty products from Laneige. Some people often said "ala Nana tu pakai Laneige sebab benda tu from Korea je. Bukan bagus sangat pun. Dia pakai pun sebab benda tu mahal. Nak menunjuk lah tu".

Let me tell you this, yes I am a fan of Korean dramas but no I don't use Laneige because it's from Korea nor for menunjuk nunjuk but I use it because I like their products. To be honest, I tried using other brands like Skin Food, Clean&Clear, Olay, Loreal, and all sorts of beauty products sebelum ni but I think Laneige is the best for me so far. It's all started when I went for a free skin test dekat one of Laneige counter. Since I have an oily and sorta sensitive skin so it is hard for me to find the right products for my face and they recommended me some of their products and gave me some free samples. I was reluctant to use them at first because they're sorta pricey but since I first tried using them which was like 2 years ago, I terus fell in love with this brand.

Alhamdulillah, I've been using Laneige products for almost two years now and so far everything is good. I'm not saying that I have a flawless skin or anything but it suits my skin well. It moisturizes and hydrates my skin all day long :) *thumbs up to Laneige!

Ok, back to the product. This cutey here is called Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. It is basically a mask like your usual normal facial mask cuma you only use it at night and rinse it the next morning :) In short, it's a hassle free mask! Lepas je basuh muka, berus gigi and everything at night, apply a thin layer of this mask and you can straight away go to bed. Tak payah susah susah nak tunggu 10-20 minit then nak kena basuh balik apply after mask cream or whatever semua. Menyusahkan! One thing I like about this product is it really makes your skin soft, smooth and moisturized every time after you rinse it just like it claimed to be. Plus, it's hydrating! With my sorta sensitive skin and the weather here in Malaysia, this product works wonders! It is definitely a pretty good investment if I must say :)

Love, nana ♥

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  1. Klu tuk oily skin sesuai pki set yg mana yer. Bleh bg tips skit.


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