Friday, December 2, 2011

Nana Diaries: I'm Invited!

... and finally the card has arrived!

Balik je dari class tadi, I straight away went to my room mengadap lappy. Hajatnya nak sambung buat assignment yang tergendala pagi tadi but somehow I ended up doing some other random stuffs. Ala, biasa lah tu time nak buat assignment je mesti ada distraction. While I was busy googling for interesting movies, my maid came over and handed me a Pos Express envelope. Gedabak pulak tu. Terpinga-pinga jugak Cik Nana seketika. Yela, setahu Cik Nana, Cik Nana takde pulak beli anything online so yeah.

Jeng jeng jeng!

Wedding Invitation Card ghupenya!

It was a huge invitation card to Ikha's wedding reception on the 10th. 
Shantik shantik :)

Ikha is a friend of mine when I was in Form Four. Eventho kiteorang tak sempat nak jadi classmate lelame somehow we are friends. Takde lah close but we do meet once in a while. So yeah, tak sabarnya nak pegi Ikha's wedding! 

Congratulation for your big day babe! 

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