Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Nana Diaries: Open House Marathon.

This is an overdue post.
Been wanting to post it weeks ago 
but somehow I forgot =P

Hello everyone. Assalamualaikum.
How are you today?

First of all, sorry for the sudden disappearance. Biasalah, been busy visiting the loved ones for hari raya. Anyw, last weekend (make it the previous weekend) was an uber busy weekend for me (Saturday was the worst). I have six open houses to attend. So, secaranya last Saturday was OPEN HOUSE MARATHON DAY. However, I only managed to attend four of them. To those yang tak sempat nak attend I am so sorry and I'm looking forward to meet you guys soon.

So yea, this is how my day went. The plan was to go to Dinie's at 12, Hana's at 1, Razak's at 2, Hazama's at 3, Auntie Yah's at 5 and Wafiy's at 8. However, since the boys were still sleeping at 12, Cik Nana decided to straight away pergi Hana's. The original plan was to drag Afiq along but die pun was having a hectic day as well sibuk ke sana ke mari attending open houses, wedding etc etc. So, I ended up going with Zaty. Yela, malu kot pegi rumah orang sorang sorang. Nasib baiklah tak ramai yang datang lagi =D

Hana's. From left: Anis, Nana (me me!) and Zaty.

So yea, since Zaty is having her driving lesson at two, we went back at 1.30-ish. And yes, the boys just woke up so I decided to balik instead of waiting for them. Once Cik Nana hantar Zaty, I went to Razak's place dekat Jelatek. Homaiii! The traffic was so unacceptable! It took me half an hour to travel from Setiawangsa to Jelatek. I almost gave up. Felt like taking the train instead! Oh, and to my surprise I was the first one to arrive! Malu yang amat! Dah rasa macam nak pegi rumah mak mertua pun ada jugak =P 

Razak's. From left: Pojie, Aisyah, Mar, Razak, Afiq, Nana (me me!) and Shakir.

Anyw, we sembang sembang gelak gelak makan makan semua, it's almost FOUR! So, we decided to head home. Mula ingat dah malas nak pegi Hazama's but cous called cakap they're already there. So, nak tak nak wa pegi lah jugak. Fuyoooo! Ramainya manusia. Tapi macam cool lah. Why? I have no idea why! So yea, at six we headed home. This time the REAL home since aunt just arrived. So, jumpa makan sekejap I made my final round to Subang. Homaiiii ... what a tiring day. I had fun tho =D Ingat nak terus ke Bangi for Wafiy's but I was so friggin tired I went home and sleep. KROOOOH KROOHHH!

ps: I made new friends too! Anis, Pojie, Aisyah and Marrrr =D Nice meeting you!

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