Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are You Gay?

It's been a while since you had a boyfriend.
Don't you trust guys anymore
Or are you gay?

Ok seriously, that was the weirdest question a person can ask. Hello, tak semestinya if a girl/guy is single s/he is gay. I mean salah ke if a person rather being single than being in a relationship when they think the time is not right?

Sekarang ni coupling is like a trend. Dia ada boy/girlfriend aku pun mesti kena ada jugak (no offense people). Ok maybe having a boy/girlfriend makes you feel appreciated, makes you feel loved but hey, being single pun not so bad apa. Somehow I'm enjoying myself being single walaupun kadang kadang tu rasa lonely jugak. Ok no that was a joke. I LOVE being single and yes I'm proud of it!

So, whenever Cik Nana cakap I prefer not to have a boyfriend right now, questions like "are you afraid of commitment" "takut heartbroken ke" blahblahblah sering ditanya. NO! I'm not afraid of commitment. I'm not afraid of being heartbroken. In fact, that's what makes your life worth living. Experiencing all those s*** makes you realize what is good and what is not for you. So yea, when people ask why Cik Nana prefer to be single instead of being in a relationship sekarang ni my answer would be ...

1) Belum Jumpa Jodoh
When I answer this people will say "kalau tak cari macam mana nak jumpa" and I'll say "sesungguhnya Allah dah tentukan jodoh kita. Kalau dah tiba masa jumpa la". Terdiam korang. Dah macam ustazah dah rasanya.

2) Being Single is FUN!
Some people might think being single is like a curse or something. Well boys and girls you're wrong! Bagi Cik Nana being single itu seronok. Takde orang nak halang kita from doing something that we always do and no one can ask us to do what we don't wanna do. And yes the best part of being single is whenever you see someone attractive and such and when you go "fulamak, cun lah awek tu!" "ohmigod, mamat tu sangat hot ok!" somehow you don't feel guilty. Kalau dah ada boy/girlfriend even though we can still say those things but deep down somewhere you do feel guilty kan kan kan. Tak?! Ok, something is wrong with you!

So yea, that's why Cik Nana rasa being single buat masa ni is the best thing that ever happened to me. Tapi nanti janganlah bila Cik Nana dah ada boyfriend semua cakap "apa lah Cik Nana tu dulu kata taknak ada boyfriend semua". Ok Cik Nana tak kata Cik Nana taknak boyfriend cuma not for now je. Geddit?

ps: me NO GAY yaww! I'm a straight person that prefer being single at the moment. The end.


  1. Gay normally dgr utk lelaki...
    Pompuan lesby kot,hehehe..Ok,Ika plak tak boleh kalau takde bf..macam tu plak kan,tp last 1 ni dh dekat 4tahun kekal...

  2. Gay here mean homosexual. So yea mmg gay specifically referred to guys and lesby for girls. Hehe! Aww .. dah 4YEARS?! Congrats. Semoga berkekalan hingga ke anak cucu :D

  3. i agree with u darl !
    single itu best tahu !! walaupun i ni bkn org yg single but seriously, sometimes better single je dari couple..
    it's ok being many things to do in this age so it's ok

  4. haha. thanks for agreeing with me cik adik manis :D

  5. Very typical la here in Malaysia to say that takut commitment and all. I don't like it when they force people to find someone. It's like controlling your life and I can see that you are really happy as of now and yes you don't need a guy to make you feel good or appreciated.

  6. haha.. biasa la tu, saya pun banyak kali kena, mcm la x pernah tengok org single lama skit -.-" and yeah, you were right, istilah gay blh digunakan untuk dua2 laki dan perempuan :)

  7. Nyle: awww... thanks dear. you made my day! haha :D

    Ben: kan! sedih je dieorang tu. jealous lettuw :D

  8. so true!! being single is the best status ever..hi five :)


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