Monday, June 27, 2011

Nana Diaries: The Bunch

It has been a while since I hanged with the bunch. Before, every time Hana balik cuti from Egypt kiteorang mesti hang out from morning to night. From breakfast roti canai to steamboat dinner kat Johnny's. However, due to our hectic schedule kiteorang dah lame tak jumpe until today.

On Friday night, Zaty texted me saying that they're going Sunway tomorrow. However, in the morning she called and said Koja couldn't make it so they decided to meet at Wangsa Walk. So yea, after my half an hour shower and quick breakfast I headed to Wangsa Walk. Nasib baik lah dekat and thank God my car dah siap. So, senanglah sikit nak bergerak. The activity for today was to catch Blitz at 11am. Tapi disebabkan oleh miscommunication Hana and Zaty bought tickets for 2.00pm show ! Buat penat je gua bangun awal ~

Anyw, while waiting for the movie to start, we had our brunch at Georgetown Coffee. Then we went for a bowling session. Seriously, it has been a while since I went bowling. If I'm not mistaken the last time I went bowling was in One Utama with Steven, Ken and Qiao Li which was like ages ago. Then we went for some karaoke session before we entered TGV Room 3 for our movie.

 with Hana :)
 With Zaty :)
- HanaZaty -
Bodyguard pun nak jadi artis juga :P

Overall, we really had fun. 
And since Hana is not going to Egypt no more, 
perhaps we can do this more often. 
And of course we shall invite the others as well. 
The more the merrier kan :)


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