Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nana Diaries: Book Lover?

Do you read books ?
Are you a book fan ?
Do you love books ?

First of all, yes I do read books. Tonnes and tonnes of them. But no I'm NOT really a book fan. I don't read books all the time. I'll read when I feel like reading. Or when I'm bored. And no I don't read school books.

Do I love books ? Hmmmm ... well, I love buying books ! I have no idea why but I have this thing on books. Every time I see interesting books I'll buy them no matter what. Bace tak bace tu belakang cerita. Plus, one weird thing about me is that whenever I'm in a bookstore I boleh berkemah situ like forever. Ok forever tu dah melampau sangat lah kan but seriously I can stay there for like three hours !

Yesterday, my family and I (excluding brother) went to Jusco Alpha Angle. Tujuannya untuk makan semata-mata tapi ntah macam mane boleh tersesat dekat MPH (tersesat lah sangat). Sejak I kenal BookXcess I rarely buy books dekat MPH, Kinokuniya, Borders dan yang seangkatan dengannya. Yela, what for spend duit banyak2 on a book when you can actually get 3 books at a price of one dekat BookXcess kan. BookXcess is like a book heaven for me. It's a must-go place for me at least once a month. However, due to the hectic schedule dan ketiadaan "kaki" untuk ke sane I ended up buying two books dekat MPH semalam. 

Buku ape ? Ni die !
Girl Friday by Jane Green and Gelak Tergolek by Wann Azlan

Nana beli novel melayu ? Bace ke Nana novel melayu ? I admit that I never read Malay novels. EVER ! No no. Saye bukan anak melayu perasan anak mat salleh tak bace novel melayu semua. It's just that I'm not really into them. Taktau kenape. NO. I have nothing against Malay novels. I tried to read them but somehow I failed ! Baru bace 5 pages dah tutup buku and tak penah bukak2 dah. So, hopefully lepas ni dah boleh dah eh nak bace novel melayu. Hehe. Somehow the title of the novel attracts me :P

Anyway, that's all for now I guess.
I'll write again soon.
Take care lovelies :)


  1. We are just the same. I can stay in a bookstore forever. hahaha. Anyway, Can I borrow your Breakfast at Tiffany's book? (:

  2. Hahaha ! We shall stay in the bookstore together :P Anyw, I'll bring it whenever I come over lah ok. Or you can come and take it if you want. Heh heh !

  3. I'll try to go to your place this coming Friday (:

  4. sure. anything just lemme know lah eh :)


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