Friday, June 10, 2011


Hey everyone. How are you today ? 
Alhamdulillah, I'm feeling much much better today. 
I've been sick for the past one week. Sedih :(

Anyw, today's update gonna be about my babysitting session last Friday. The plan for the day was to catch a movie with my dearest sister. Unfortunately, I felt sick and nieces are coming over 'cuz the maid MIA and my cousin and husband gotta work (banyaknye AND). So yea, disebabkan I wasn't that well, mum called sissie to balik and look after the kids. Thank god die pun takde class last Friday kalau tak, taktau lah :P

So, around 10.30AM cousin arrived with the kids. There were three of them. The eldest is seven and since she selalu sleepover here we don't really have any problem with her la. The major problem of the kids is the little one Cik Aa ! She's one year plus and she cries a-lot ! Thank god that only happen when her mum is around. I mean memang la die akan nangis when it comes to things that she does like but not as often as when cousin is around. Kalau tak dalam rumah ni dengar suara die je ! And thank god sissie's home and she knows how to layan Cik Aa except when it comes to changing her diapers, feeding her and things like that. So, when it comes to those things I'll be the one in charge walaupun diri ini tak berape nak sihat. And nasib baik juga la my maid was around kalau tak, taktau la :P 

Si Kak Ngah pun tak banyak ragam sangat this time. Maybe because she's older now and she wasn't feeling that well kott. She was a good girl except during lunch. She refused to eat and kept on asking her sister to feed her. Yang si kakak ni pulak biase la, complain2 and malas layan si adik. Setelah puas dipujuk akhirnya die makan juga. Tu pun nak kena suap. Nasib baik la time tu I have like extra energy sikit to suap her as well. Kalau tak tak makan lah budak tu.

One thing that is good about those kids is dieorang semua takde masalah when it comes to medicines. Yela selalunye kids kan hate medicines like so much. Tapi dieorang relax je. Makan ubat macam makan candies even the little one ! I still remember when I was a kid, I hated medicines so much ! Every time I see those bottles I'll cry. Tu baru tengok botol2 ubat belum makan lagi. Kalau bab nak kena makan ubat tu memang bersmackdown lah dgn my parents :P Maybe because cousin is a nurse kott, so they're used to it la. Allahu'alam.

Anyw, here's a video for you guys :)


Thanks for reading. See you soon !
Toodles ~

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