Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nana Diaries: Say NO to exams!

Yesterday supposed to be my Let's Study Together Day with Ken, Steven and QiaoLi but something came up so we decided to head home instead of rotting ourselves in the library sampai petang. Why ? Well, this is what happened during our one and half hour extra class provided by our most fun lecturer which is now is not so fun anymore.

Nana: Sir sir ... I studied what you told us to study ! *dengan bangganya*
Sir: What did you studied ?
Nana: Hmmm ... everything I guess but I know I studied that IAS36 Cash flow thing !
Sir: *gelak kecil disini ya* ... I'm sorry to tell you that it's not coming out.
Everyone: WHAT?!
Nana: but ... but you told us to study that one stupid chapter and few other chapters ?!
Sir: They decided to change the questions :)
Everyone: OH NO !!!!!
Sir: You still have 3 days to study. Don't worry
Nana: Which chapters are we supposed to study now ?
Sir: Chapter 2,3,5,6,7,10 and 18 !
Nana: (wtf ?! Ape yang aku study satu chapter pun die tak sebut !) I shall kill myself now !
Some random people in the class: I'll join you !!
Sir: *senyum sinis dan gelak kecil* ... Good luck guys !
Nana: We really need a miracle right now Sir *muka sedih*
Sir: Oh yea, there's gonna be lots of theories questions so you better read the whole textbook :)
Nana: *jantung terhenti mulut ternganga luas*

Yes, I know we are pretty close to this lecturer. Maybe because he pun around our age (but he's still old :P). We can joke around, tease each other but when it comes to classes he's pretty strict. So yea, basically that's what happened that made us decided to forget our Study Day. What we revised mightdefinitely not coming out. So, why bother studying them. And those chapters he mentioned ... well, we haven't study any of them yet ! So yea, I'm freaking out AGAIN ! We only have like few days left ! Oh nooooo !!! I'm taking Accounting and Finance for goodness sake. I'm supposed to deal with numbers and figures not words with lots of sentences. I'm not studying history, political science or what not (no offense ya)

OK, I shall stop blogging now and continue with my study. 
Hopefully I can finish up everything by Monday *fingers crossed*

Hugs and kisses~

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