Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random Five

It's been exactly three years since I started blogging. Since I don't feel like studying for my finals and mum don't feel like going for groceries shopping today I ended up browsing through my three year old blog. Not to my surprise I only have 240 posts since 20 May 2008 and most of them are craps ! but some of them are quite interesting. Here's the recap on my 5 favorite-random-posts I ever posted.

Hari Terakhir ... - This post somehow made me sad. It was posted on March 2009. It was about my last day as an APIIT student. I wasn't that sad when I wrote the post since I thought that we're going to see each other again for degree. However ... Thank God we had a-small-party. Well, it wasn't really a party lah. It was just four of us (Munir, Aiman, Prem and me) having pizza lunch together for the last time :)

10 Most Favourite ... - This was the weirdest post I ever posted. It was posted on March 2009 as well. It's about my 10 most favourite guys. Nup, not some random guys. They are my friends. Just so you know I have more boyfriends compared to girlfriends. Why ? Because guys are less complicated that girls ? No, I just have better relationship with guys compared to girls :) I might be writing this kind of post soon. Not because those guys aren't my friends anymore. It just that for the past two years I met more people. More friends. Guys and girls. Wondering if you're my favourite 10 friends ? We shall wait until I blog on that :D

I have girlfriends ! - This post was written due to the massive comments I received about my relationship with guys instead of girls. Well, basically this was posted to answer questions like do you have girlfriends, why your friends all guys, why you hang with guys instead of girls et cetera et cetera !

Classes -  Ok, this post was posted on July 2009 and it's not about how my college day or how my classes went. It's actually a conversation I had with dad on that particular day about classes. I told dad that I wanted to go for language classes. Japanese, Korean, and Arabic classes. But dad suggested me to go for a please-help-me-to-stop-swearing class instead. Did I swear a lot last time ? *think think*

Christiano Ronaldo ! - Ok, this entry was posted on October 2009. It wasn't a writing thing but a video thing. I posted a video on Christiano Ronaldo for heaven sake ! Nup, I'm not his fan in fact I don't like him (no offense to CR's fans out there). That video really made my day that time. What video ? It's a video on CR singing Amor Mio. I was so shocked when I first saw that video. And it made me laughed too. Not a bad singer huh ?

So yea. Those are my posts that I feel like sharing with you guys. 
Wanna read them ? Just click on the titles I listed above. 
And thanks for reading :)
I shall write again soon !

Hugs and kisses ~

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