Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nana Diaries: Gua ExamLAH BRO!

Gua exam lah hari ni broooo ..... ~

I've been saying that I need to study for my finals for like forever. Tapi biase lah name pun student kan of course la bile time nak belajar tu rase nak buat ape je. Malasnye yang amat ! Tuhan jela tau. Tapi alhamdulillah la gua berjaya study untuk paper hari ni. Paper hari ni je tau. Untuk paper esok belum lagi. Bak kata pepatah, nak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih :) Terima kasih kat kawan2 gua yang tak jemu2 memberi sokongan dan dorongan kat gua untuk study especially Serene Chiang. She won't stop nagging until I study. Thanks ye auntie. I love you to the bits :)

So yea, how am I feeling now ? Bad ? Terrible ? Great ? Well, macam mane nak cakap eh. Nak kate takut tak jugak nak kate happy lagi lah TAK. Some part of me is having a nervous breakdown but deep down inside I'm kinda excited. Yela, the day that has been haunting me for the whole semester is finally arrived ! Yeah baby ~ Let's get this over with. I want my loooong break :D To all my classmates, good luck for today and tomorrow's papers. Yes, kami ade dua paper je. Jangan jealous yaww ! Not forgotten  to my old buddy yang sekarang ni ade kat Newcastle, good luck man ! You know you can do much better than what you expected *grin.

That's all for now. 
I gotta get ready for my breakkie moment with my sugar
It's been a while since we last had breakfast together. I shall update again soon. 
Thanks for reading :) 
Oh and thanks for your good luck wishes dearies. 
Have a nice and awesome day :)

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