Friday, May 27, 2011

Nana Diaries: Insidious Time!

Hey everyone ! 
I am happy to announce that I am now free
 from any kind of assignments, homework, and exams 
for the next four months. Yay me ~

Since my last paper was on Wednesday until 6pm, I've decided to meet the gang on the next day which is today. Last night, they told me that they're going for Insidious and since my exam is over I decided to join them even though I never heard of the movie and I have no idea what is it all about (biaselah orang sibuk study kan lol).

So, since Antony told me that the movie was at 1.10PM I decided to watch Free Willy 4. Mane tau the movie was like until 12PM ! Terkejut badak I tengok jam. Ingatkan baru pukul 11 ke ape. So ape lagi kelam kabut lah I mandi get ready semua. Nak dekat pukul 1 jugak lah baru I keluar rumah. 

I arrived One Utama around 1-ish. I was so glad that I made it on time. Sekali tengok parking takde ! Somehow I feel like crying. I mean ... I know lah they gonna wait for me and all but hey, somehow you'll feel guilty kan if they miss like some part of the movie because of you. So, once I found a parking dengan sepantas kilatnya I berlari-lari ke GSC. Ehem ehem I literally run in the shopping mall ok ! Tak main lah berlari-lari anak ni semua. Gua dah lambat brooo ~ Everyone was like looking at me and wondering "apehal minah ni lari-lari dalam mall dgn heels ?'. Macam gua kesah je ! 

Once I saw my friends I was so happy and they're happy too. Thank god no one marah or bising. I love you guys to the bits ~ So yea, we headed to Room 13 for our Insidious. Nasib baik la the movie baru start like 2 minutes so takde la rase guilty sangat kan :P

If you as me how's the movie, I would say it is good but tiring to watch. Kenapa ? Well, the "ghost" takde lah scary mane pun BUT the sound effects and the sudden appearances of the unwanted people really made me go "ahhh owww ehhh" from the beginning till the end. The guys were like 'kate not scared but you covered your eyes the whole movie'. Errrr ... hello ! I'm a girl okay ! And those moments homg ! Nak suruh gua tengok sorang2 mmg tak ah ~

So yea, the movie ended around 3 something and since we haven't grab our lunch, we went to Teppanyaki for our late lunch. Jacky ordered Cuttlefish Teppanyaki, Serene ordered Sukiyaki and the rest (including me) ordered Chick-kennnnn Teppanyaki. We really had fun. We stayed there for the next one and half hour talking laughing and giggling. Then, we went for some shoes hunting before we headed home with happy faces at 5.30PM. I am so happpppppppy !

Oh, just so you girls know,
 guys loooove expensive shoes -_____-
Toodles ~


  1. Is the movie good nana? I didn't read your post just in case there's any spoiler. wahahahaha! All I know is that the director is the same who direct the movie Paranormal Activity.


  2. the movie is good :) nah, no spoiler. don't worry ! heh heh ! yea, same director. but I haven't watch Paranormal Activity. Too scared. So yea, can't compare :P


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