Monday, April 18, 2011

nana Diaries: I had a bad day :(

Today is a fun yet a bad day ! Why ? 
Let me tell you the story from the beginning.

Today, the gang (Serene, Aaron, Jenny, Joe, WeiKang, Max, Antony, LiangSiang and I) along with few other friends went to Kayu Ara for our badminton session. It's been awhile since I last play badminton.

To make the story short, while Serene, Jenny and I were having a good time playing and laughing at the same time, I fell down and sprained my ankle. Omg ! It hurts so much ! This the first time I ever sprain my ankle. Everyone was shocked and trying their best to help me (I'm grateful to have them as friends). Max, Joe, Antony, Jenny and Serene were like "are you ok nana ! can you walk ! is this hurt !" At first it doesn't hurt that much but later on while we were having our lunch it started to ache like there's no tomorrow. I almost cried !

When I got home I can't even walk properly. I was thinking of seeing the doctor but I was so scared ! So, I told my maid instead. She massaged my ankle and HOMG ! It's friggin painful ! I cried like crazayyy ! Sister, aunt and mom just sat there and look at me. Awhile back, sister sprained her ankle as well and after maid massaged her ... Wallah ! Who knows she started running the next day. Hopefully, this pain will go away tomorrow. I need to take aunt and maid out for some shopping. I want to shop :(

To make things worst, Aaron fell sick after we had our lunch. He kept on vomiting. So, Serene, Aaron and her cousin went back early. Since i didn't drive, I have to wait for others to go back to KBU. Once Max and I arrived KBU, we saw Aaron was puking outside his car. We were worried so we stopped by and waited for him to recover along with Serene, her cousin, and WeiKang before we headed home. Max followed him back just in case anything happen since they live quite near to each other :)

Even though we had quite a bad day today, we really enjoyed ourselves. 
Hopefully we can repeat this some other time. 
And no, without the bad stuffs please :)

Lesson for today: 
good friends are always there 
when you're in good AND bad times. 
Thanks guys. You're the best !

Hugs and kisses ~

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