Saturday, April 2, 2011

Nana Diaries: girls vs. shopping

When it comes to shopping, I'm always the first one. 
Shopping makes me happy. 
Shopping makes me smile the whole day. 
Even though I have no money left, 
shopping still makes my heart cheer gleefully.

Ok, enough with the nonsense. This post is not gonna be on how happy I was last weekend even though I went shopping like both Saturday and Sunday but about my lunch-trip-that-ended-up-to-be-a-shopping-trip on Friday !

Last Friday, the plan was to go ice skating with QiaoLi, Steven, KenEe, Wipada and Esther. However, I decided not to go because there were unavoidable things happened. So, instead of ice skating i went for lunch at 1U with Serene, Jenny, Wendy, Alice, Aaron, WeiKang, Joe, LiangSiang, and Jacky !(Am I missing anyone ???)

The trip was fun ! We had lunch, talked, giggled, and the most important thing is we shopped ! Har har har. It happened so fast. We were walking aimlessly and suddenly we(the girls) saw a shoes shop that offered 50% OFF on everything. Being girls, we can't take our eyes of the shop and decided to buy a pair each !

Serene and I bought the exact same heels but in different colour, and Wendy bought a flat (she wanted to buy the heels as well but takde size). Alice couldn't find anything that suits her (she doesn't want heels since she's tall enough) and Jenny wasn't in the mood to shop since she wasn't feeling that well.

So yea, we met the guys (they decided to ditch us since we took such a long time in A shop) with 3 of us carrying bags filled with shoes :P They were like omg ! Shoes shopping ! Weee ~~

Anyw, I really had a great time. 
Not just because I got a new shoes 
but emmm ...
I'm simply happy hanging w/ them :)

that's all for now. 
Hugs and kisses.

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