Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nana Diaries: Awesome luncheon.

Hello everyone !
How's your day today ?
How about yesterday ?

Mine was awesome. 
Well, to be exact yesterday's lunch 
was wayyyy beyond awesome !

Well, the plan was to go for an ice skating session in Sunway Pyramid. However, due to our forgetfulness we decided not to enter the rink since the crowd was like so ohmigodd and the price is not worth it at all. It's school holiday lah ! So, we ended up having lunch instead.

After 15min of walking with no direction, we decided to have our lunch at a korean stall and it is called The Street Cafe. We ordered a bowl of ramen, kimbab and raboki, and a glass of korean tea each :D While waiting for our orders to arrive, Steven decided to buy the Crispy Chicken from Shihlin Taiwanese Street Snack and KenEe ordered pastas from the stall next door. Luckily we can actually ordered from those stalls as well :D


Anyw, after we stuffed our stomach and gained like extra 2kilos, we went to Kota Damansara to grab some dessert at Snowflakes which turned out to be a Taiwanese Dessert ! Omg ! We really had an international lunch. I mean who ever eat ramen with carbonara ? Crispy chicken and kimbab ? Even though it's kinda weird when I think about it, we really had a good time. NO ! great time ! Who knows when else can we do this sort of things again :D

Snowflake Kota Damansara
Thanks Google :)

I'm glad we went for lunch instead on ice skating yesterday. 
How about you ? 
Which one would you rather be doing 
ice skating or an international lunch with a bunch of friends ???

Love, n a n a


  1. Nana, I want to eat the Raboki too. Tell me where is that place. lol!Seriously though, where is that, The Street Cafe?

  2. hmmm ... somewhere at Asian Avenue Sunway Pyramid if I'm not mistaken :)

  3. Okay, will look it up. Sankyu!


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