Sunday, February 20, 2011

stay-in-bed day

(picture by alifethroughthelens)

It's 10am in the morning. My plan is to stay in bed for the whole day 'cause I don't feel like going anywhere today. Why ? Because I have no money. I am broke ! Totally broke ! Yesterday, mum, sissie and I went shopping and I spent around RM300 ! There goes my February allowance :( oh how am I gonna survive until the end of the month. Plus, I still haven't get Jenny a present for her birthday which in on this coming Wednesday. Ok, now I hate myself for being a not-so-good friend. She got me a present for my birthday last Wednesday. Thanks Jenn :)

Ok, back to the story, while I was enjoying my pleasant stay-in-bed day, I heard sissie screaming my name. I was like what the hell do you want this early in the morning and she said I need the house key, where on earth do you keep them ? "It's in my bag ... or in the car" I said and to my surprise, she said "there's none in your bag so I guess its in your car but how am I supposed to get it when your car is outside and I can't go outside because we're lock inside !" Seriously, that was the longest sentence sissie had ever said to me early in the morning -_-

I was a bit confused at first. Then she told me that my parents had gone out for a jog like 2 hours ago. I was shocked. I mean they went without me ?! They were the one who always complain that I'm fat, I need to workout, I can't eat this, I can't eat that blahblahblah. What is this ? They don't think I'm fat anymore? Heh heh. Later today, I asked my mum "why don't you wake me up this morning, I need to go for a jog jugak ya know". Then she replied "why should I ? You're the one who rather grow fatter and fatter on bed every day". Oh mum !!

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