Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nana Diaries: A shoes addict and bag-a-holic

A very good morning evening to everyone !

Well, first of all, I am sorry for not updating my blog for quite sometime.

As usual, lots of things had been going on and can't find time to actually update my blog. Plus, when I have the time, my mind is totally blank and I have no idea what to write. Hence, since there's nothing much to do today and I somehow feel like writing, I've decided to update my blog.

Yay me ~~

So, yesterday, mum, sis and I went to Gardens and MidV to do some shopping. It's been a while since we do this random shopping thingy. Actually, we didn't even plan to go shopping yesterday. It just popped up when we were on our way back from our workout session yesterday morning :D

Yes, I do go workout with my parents once in a while ! Cool neh ? ^_^V

Anyway, while we were doing our shopping I came across this one shop named TAIMO. Well, it wasn't the first time I went into the shop but I was really excited yesterday. I came across this one pretty gorgeous beautiful shoes and I immediately fell in love with it. I asked mum"can I get this ?" and oh, she said "YES". But sadly, we were in a rush so, I decided not to buy it yesterday. Next week perhaps. Do pray for me that no one buy them :P

Courtesy to Mr. Google :)

On our way back, we decided to go into Nine West and not to my surprise there's a white bag that I like ! Well, as you already know I L♥VE bags and I have lots of them. And yes, I still wanna buy more !

I'm a bag-a-holic !

Anyway, back to the story. Just like I did before at TIAMO I asked mum again can I get this ? And to my surprise she said yes AGAIN ! I nearly fainted (well not literally). I was like what is going on with mum today so kind and nice and willingly to buy me everything. THEN she added "as long as you're using your own money".

Ahah ! That is what she actually meant ! I can get anything ! As long as I am using my own money. Just imagine if I actually took those two items, there goes my money ! No wonder you're being nice MOM !

Anyway, once I arrived home I straight away went to see dad and say "dad, I need money for new bag and shoes !". He laughed and said "in your dream young lady". Ohhh, so I really need to use my own money to get those stuffs ?? and I am honestly broke right now. Oh God, how how how ???

Oh yea, since my birthday is coming,
anyone wanna buy them for me ?

That's all for now. Have a pleasant day everyone.

Lots and lots of love from NANA


PS: I adore this one shoes in Nine West as well can I get one ? heh heh


  1. you didn't take picture of that specific shoe ke? hahahaha!

  2. ala ..... x sempat :( and i can't find the shoes anywhere :(


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