Monday, February 21, 2011

girls conversation

"I need to save money for the iPod touch" Serene told me.
i was like "eh, I'm getting one for myself as well"
and that's how our first WhatsApp conversation started.

(Courtesy of Mr. Google)

I was a bit bored 'cause my plan for yesterday was just to stay in bed all day long. So, when I received Serene's WhatsApp message I was excited. At least I have someone to talk too. Just so you know, we girls, can talk about almost everything and that's what happened between me and Serene yesterday.

First, we talked about how excited she was to be able to use WhatsApp on her NOKIA smartphone (last time she complained because she can't join me and Jenn WhatsApp-ing because there's a problem with her phone). Then from that little I-am-excited conversation, we jumped into another exciting conversation about iPod Touch. She told me she and her honey are getting an iPod Touch and I told her that I've been planning to get one for myself for a very loong time if I must say. So, we decided to get those iPods together and yes we have to starve just for that since we both are running out of money.

Later on, she told me about getting a job and I told her I'm looking for one as well (we have so many similarities aren't we?). She told me a friend asked her to be a tutor for Primary 1 students. Man, she's lucky. At least there's someone offered her a job while me on the other hand, have to go and look for it !

So anyway, after discussing about how, when and where to buy plus our money-saving-plan (which is to eat banana every day), our last topic was the hot gossip ! Since we're in two different classes most of the time, we rarely get the chance to talk and laugh and gossip. So, yesterday was great! Hah ... you have no choice but to accept that that is what girls always do when they got bored. But hey, at least we talked about interesting stuffs first *wink*

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