Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nana Diaries: 3 hours break.

Hello everyone !
How are you today ?

First of all, thanks for reading this
not-so-interesting blog of mine
Thank you so much !

Ok, today's post gonna be about
my awesome and fun-filled Friday :)

Just like any other Friday, I woke up at 7am since there's a
Research Skill class at 9am. So, after shower, breakfast, yaddayadda I went to Jenny's to fetch her and Eve to class. Well, to my surprise the class wasn't as bad as it always be. I actually paid attention to the lecturer ! Somehow I felt like I accomplished something yesterday ! Anyw, as soon as the class is over, me and few friends decided to go e@Curve a.k.a Cineleisure since we have a movie to catch at 11.30am.

While the boys were enjoying their cige-break, Jenny, Alice, Wendy and I
(along w/ Steven), decided to visit the Shiseido roadshow booth at the lobby. We got a sample of Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum and a complimentary card for some samples and facial massage ! We were so happy .Jenny and I even plan to get the facial massage next Friday :)

So back to the story, Jenny, Joe, WeiKang, and I had followed Max's car to e@Curve. There were incidents happened in our 10mins journey ! First, the parking token got sucked into the machine. Then, WeiKang nearly fly off the car. Omg, it was so scary ! I was stunned when I saw WeiKang ! Luckily nothing bad happened. Anyw, while waiting for Jacky, LiangSiang, Pearl,JiaEn, Aaron and Serene to arrive, me and the others went to McDonald's for our movie food :)

We went for I AM NUMBER FOUR !

Seriously, the movie was beyond awesome ! I really enjoyed myself eventho there were some parts that made me scream and my heartbeat nearly stop but hey, it's worth it. Plus the other girl in the movie is so eff-ing hot I might even turn gay if I ever know her :P Once the movie ended, we quickly grabbed our lunch before we headed to college for our Information System class at 2pm.

I really had fun yesterday.
Hello, all 14 of us went for a movie and lunch together !
What else can make your three frigging hours break to be
more fun and exciting than this ?
We shall do this again some other time !

Now it's time for next Friday's planning session !
any suggestion ?

Thanks for reading

love, n a n a

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