Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nana Diaries: Miss Complain A Lot

My life is a mess right now. I have a 3000 words of assignment to submit on December 14th, 3 papers are coming in January and I haven't study either one of them, parents that keep on hoping that I can get a scholarship to do my final year in UK, lecturers that made me go cuckoo, people that made me feel like killing someone right now, and I'm broke ! and I still have bills to pay ! Phone bill that is. Well, basically I'm doomed ! I can't take this anymore. All these stress ! I feel like running away from all these. Run so fast and so far and I wouldn't stop to even peek at what I left behind. This is crazy man ! I never felt this way before ! I need my girls now ! Seriously !!

Ok, I shall stop complaining on how hard my life has been.
I know its going to get better soon ! *fingers crossed*

So yea, even though things have been so rough and stressful for the past couple of weeks, I managed to get some time off from all these stressfulness ! Last Friday, cousins, sister, and nieces went for a movie at GSC MidV ! Cousins, sister, and I went for Harry Potter and nieces went for Rapunzel with their father. Even though it was a last minute plan, I had a great time (except for the traffic on our way back !)

And to my surprise, last Wednesday, I went for a movie again ! It's just that this time I went with friends and we watched a different movie. There were 7 of us all together (Steven, Qiao Li, Esther, Everlyn, Ken Ee, Amanda and me). And guess what movie we watched ? TANGLED a.k.a RAPUNZEL ! Hahahahaha ... seriously, it wasn't bad at all. Even Amanda cried watching the movie :P So, to those who haven't watch it yet, go and watch ! You won't regret it. I'm planning to take sisters and brother to watch the 3D version, but I have a hectic schedule for the next few days. Hopefully I manage find some free time to them for the movie :D

Well, that's all for now !
I've gotta continue doing my assignment
if I want it to be over on time !
Take care all.
Have a lovely weekend ~~

n a n a

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