Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nana Diaries: Book Heaven!

I know I always been proud for
not having any classes on Friday
But hey, for the past 2 weeks
The coordinator for Business School have decided
to add some extra slots for us on Friday

Well, as a normal human being, I detest it at first
However, today I am really glad they do so !

As you may know, we, AF (accounting and finance) students
have a small problem with one of our lecturer
And we've been complaining since forever !
So, the management decided to ask a guest lecturer
to teach us for three Fridays

oh god ! she's good !
We even asked her to stay longer
so that she can help us with our final exam
which is coming real soon !

She said, as long as the management agree
she doesn't mind staying for one or two weeks more

Ok, back to the real topic here !

After class, I when to UM with sissie to take her things
When we realized it was only 12pm
We decided to go Amcorp Mall
I've been wanting to go for ages

Well, as I mentioned in earlier post
I'm a big fan of bookstores
However, I'm not really a big fan of books
Well, simply because books are friggin expensive !

So yea, few months ago,
sissie told me about this bookstore in Amcorp Mall
They sell variety of books
And the price is darn C-H-E-A-P !
I've decided to pay a visit

I went crazayyy once I entered the shop
there are books everyone
and the price .... *faint*

The plan was to buy a book
"Secrets of a Shoe Addict" by Beth Harbison
But I ended up buying T-H-R-E-E friggin books !

Oh and they are hardcover books if I must say
Each book cost about RM90
but I only spent RM60 for all three !
gahhhh ~~

Oh and I bought 2 Archie's double digest as well !
Weeee ~~

So yea, here are my books. Niceeee !
I loikeee ~~~

now, I wonder when am I gonna read all these !

Well, that's all for now

x o x o

n a n a

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