Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nana Diaries: iSHOP is an addiction

It's been a while since I posted a post. Well, prolly almost 2 weeks. There's dozens of things that I wanted to blog about but I'm simply lazy to type and everything. So yea, this post is a summary of what happened for the last two weeks. But, I warn you, it's too long for a summary :P

Enjoy reading :)

Brothers & Sisters Program

Few months ago, I received an email from Eve regarding a Brother & Sisters program. Basically, what we have to do is to take a group of Japanese kids. Well, not really kids actually. But I enjoy addressing them as "kids". So yea, back to the main topic ... What I have to do is to take them SHOPPING ! How easy is that ?! But communication's gonna be a problem since the can't really talk in English (maybe some of them can) and I myself can't speak Japanese ! I mean I know phrases like "konnichiwa", "soyonara" and "arigatou". But hey, how to say "do you want to have McDonald for dinner tonight?" in Japanese ?! OMG ! I really need to ask this to my Japanese friends.

So yea. Last Wednesday, Eve, Shirly, and I and 2 of Eve's friends (Leon and Jet) went to HELP for a meeting. We took bus since Rasya told me that parking is so gonna be a problem there. So yea, we went by bus. I repeat ... BY BUS ! For those people who really know me they know why I'm stressing on that statement :P Around 11.30am, we had our lunch at McDonald and straight away to college since we gonna have a workshop later on at 1pm.

Oh yea, I almost forgot one important detail ... I'm meeting those kids tomorrow ! Hope everything will go smoothly and successfully (suddenly I feel like I'm writing my MA report-_-)

Clinique Workshop

moYes, those Clinique people came over to KBU for a workshop. Well, actually Serene, Jenny, Eve and I attended that workshop just for the goodies that worth RM200 ! I mean, hello ! It's Clinique and it's RM200. Plus, you're attending it for free. No fees. NOTHING ! You're too stupid not to attend lah :P So yea, learned some stuffs basically about facial care and make up. It ended at 2.30pm if I'm not mistaken.

It's time for the goodies ! We received a mascara, a facial scrub + mask (if I'm not mistaken), and a professional make up workshop worth RM100. I was so happy because my mascara is going to finish soon and I don't have to buy a new one ! Yayyy ~~

iSHOP like MAD !!

Today, I had lunch with Steven at The Curve. Actually, we wanted to go Popular in Ikano to look for accounting book. I desperately need another accounting book. Rasya gave me hers last week but I need another one. The one my lecturer's using to give us exercises. Why ? Just simply because I need those ANSWERS provided in the book ! Heh heh ! I'm not being lazy naughty or whatever, it's just that I need them as reference. You can't actually refer each and every single questions with your lecturer, can you ? I mean, he has syllabus to follow. So you gotta learn and refer it yourself :)

So yea, back to the topic ... After lunch, we went to Popular. Sadly, they don't have the book. I was so down so I went to the stationaries section. When I was on my way there, I say bottles. Yes, water bottles. I've been wanting to buy a new bottle. I still love all my bottles. It's just that I love bottles. Especially the cute ones :P So, I made a detour, and yes you're right ! I grabbed a bottle ! Steven was like, "why do you want a bottle for?" and I answered "because I need it that's why" in a sarcastic way of course^_^ So, we continue our walk to the main destination, stationaries section. Once we "arrived" I feel like buying everything. Well, that's why my parents don't really like taking me to bookstores. Just because I can't go in without bringing a plastic bag home. You get what I mean ? I love bookstore as much as I love giving name to my things :P So, yea. Besides bottle a.k.a STAMPY, I bought an organizer that cost me RM90 ! It's PINK and I call it my "PINKY PLANNER". So, there goes my money :(

Later on, on our way back, we saw one interesting thing. A 50%-70% sale ! We decided to take a look and I bought a pair of house slipper or whatever you call it :P I'm still thinking for a name for it :P Anyway, there goes my money AGAIN ! I promised myself ... no more shopping for me until 2012 :P

After class, mum called and said we're going to Tropicana City Mall for dinner. I went to UM for my sister and we went TCM. Sister said, "why don't we go to Amcorp Mall for books first?" I replied "they're waiting for us already". To my surprise, they weren't there (I just found out that the went to KLCC earlier). So, we headed to Borders. Yes, another bookstore ! I found my MANGA and storybooks and tons of other things that I feel like grabbing (luckily the place is small and not much interesting things). So, grabbed my MANGA and the book. Then, I just realized that I have no money left. So, waited for parents and mum said that she'll pay for the book but not for the MANGA. Sad :( I'm so gonna add MANGA to my wishlist :P

After mum made the payment and everything, we went to look for food. We passed by a shoes store. Sister went in. So I went in as well. I saw a flat. A nice flat. I've been wanting a flat for ages. It's just that mum will only buy heels for me because she assumed that I don't want flat because I'm short enuf for a flat. Whatthe ... ! And dad, on the other hand, don't really like me wearing heels. He said "eventho you don't really feel the pain but I feel THEM every time I see you wearing heels". He said THEM just to stress that wearing heel is SO MUCH PAIN to bear. What a weird dad -_- So yea. I tried the ballerina shoes and I felt in love. So dad bought it for me.

New shoes, new bottle, new planner, new slippers, new book !
boohooo ~~


  1. Nana~ I love your organizer~ Where did you buy it?? :D

  2. bought it at Popular :D anyway, thanks :)


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