Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nana Diaries: Weddings and Classes

Hello everyone !

I have no idea whether I have readers or not but who cares
I'll write whenever I feel like writing
So whoever's reading this
Thanks a lot
I really appreciate it :)

Anyway, it's been a while since I last wrote a post
I've been busy with cousins' wedding and all

Ok, before I start blabbering I just wanna say
Congrats to my 2 cousins who just got married to their partners

Ee Ee and husband (12/09/2010)
Alif a.k.a Abg Cik and wife a.k.a Kak Suzie (16/09/2010)

Semoga DIA memberkati kalian

Ok, now back to the main thing.

As I said earlier, for the past few weeks I've been busy with my cousins' weddings as well as Eid. Oh, and finally my second year of degree in Accounting and Finance dah start. I know those people yang sangat jealous because I had such a long break must be happy by now. No more dramas, movies, shopping, sleeping, eating, shitting whenever I want :(

However, it isn't that bad actually. Now, I can spend time with my friends (except the fact that I will only meet Max, Jenny, Eve, Aaron, Su Leng, Joe, Wei Kang, and Jeffrey twice a week, and I can't seem to find either Lo or Narae anywhere). But hey, I can still meet and hang out with Ken Ee, Steven, Daniel, Sook Teng, Ling Ling, Qiao Li and a bunch of new friends.

Well, to be honest, I wasn't that close with these people when I was in Year 1. Maksudnye I either rarely or tak pernah hang out with them after class but hey, we still talk, joke and laugh together last time ok. It's just that those people that I spent most of my time with aren't in the same class as I am now. They're either taking Business Management or Marketing. But who cares right, we're still having class together walaupun hanya 1 subject which is darn boring to the max. Well, except for Deric who's friggin far away in UK. I just have to wait another semester before we can really catch up with each other :)

So, yeah, I hope I will have a great and quality time this semester. Pray for me ya.

Ok, that's it for now
I shall stop writing and I'll write another post soon
Take care
ANd have a lovely day everyone

Jaa Ne :)

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